The Moscow Times 莫斯科时报

I have just seated myself comfortably on the plane. I helped myself to The Moscow Times as the flight attendant offers. I opened up the folded newspaper and the bold, almost hostile headline on the front page seems to shout at me with the words, ”Bomb Hits Russia”(!!!).

I swore my heart missed a few beats when I saw those words. I gasped silently. I could feel my pupils hyper-dilating (if there is such a condition). I was practicing Khumbhaka (breath retention – a powerful Yogic breathing technique) involuntarily and unconsciously. I seemed to have left my body as I felt like an empty shell. Everything around me seemed to have blacked out as my eyes fixed on the horror of these words. I could only feel the raw anxiety in my gut and acidic taste in my mouth, or was it the other way round? Time seemed to have stood still, for what seemed like a few seconds felt like an eternity, at the same time I realize this is one of those rare moments where one feels so fully alive and 100% present, without the slightest effort needed! How come this present-ness seems to elude me often when I am meditating?

The plane is about to embark on a 9-hour flight from Shanghai to Moscow, it will be essential that everything is just right. So am I deliberately delivering myself to a destructive death zone? Should I get off the plane now? Is it too late? What should I do? Is this it? Or am I just being overly paranoid? There is a little voice in my head that told me to breathe, relax, stay calm and find out what’s really happening.

Perhaps I did indeed freeze for a few brief moments, eventually my eyes hurriedly scrutinized the content under the horrible headline, hoping to understand the implications of this. There was an inner knowing that my brain wasn’t functioning quite well as the words seemed so difficult to read – the alphabets and punctuation marks appeared like hostile creatures that stung my eyes. The ticking (or more like grinding) sounds in my stressful brain painfully processing the words I just read got louder and louder as I struggled to understand the content.

Finally I manage to grasp and learned that the bomb happened in southern Russia. At 17,075,400 sq. km (10,610,162 sq. miles), it is reported as the largest country in the world, covering more than a ninth of the Earth’s land area (source: Wikipedia). Knowing that Moscow is located in central Russia, and there is a considerably large distance between the south and central Russia, my heart begins to creep back into its rightful place. Gradually I could hear my heartbeat, feel my breath and return to my body. I started to laugh at myself and shake my head. Then I sighed at the absurdity of such sad, horrible events……

It is truly fascinating how humans react when fear knocks. There are so many possibilities in dealing with fearful situations. The knowledgeable and sensible part of me reminds me to stay calm and analyze the situation carefully. The spiritual part of me reminds me that whatever is, just is; it is pointless to resist as it will create more conflict. It reminds me to accept whatever is and to remain open, calm, balanced. Panicking and worrying is a waste of energy and never ever solve any problems as we know.

However, the emotional part overrode the mental and spiritual part of me. When shocked and provoked, such raw, powerful emotions dominates every cell within our beings. It is like a hurricane that engulfs our entire being, erasing all information, intelligence and sense in the mind. To be able to notice this emotional hurricane as it happens, to be able to choose not to be pulled into it by stepping aside, to be able to just observe quietly without judgment and expectations is definitely not easy. It is a skill that however could be practiced and honed over time.

A wise teacher once said, “Yoga is skillfulness in action”. It is so very true indeed. Yoga is a powerful tool that has helps sharpen our senses, awakens the full potential in our physical, mental, emotional, energy and spiritual body. Mindfulness, being present and conscious, feeling connected with ourselves, with others and our surroundings are the miraculous benefits of Yoga.

If one is fully present with what is at the moment, the skillfulness quoted here, which is actually the inner knowing that resides in every one of us will come into action automatically. When one is completely present, there is no thinking involved, no doing required. There will just be a pure and simple intelligence that flows through us naturally taking care of what is necessary. It is effortless, peaceful, wise. This is the state of purely being. When we allow ourselves to be in this state of just being, we find all our worries, thoughts, suffering transcended into something powerful, something peaceful, something eternal. There is no more separation as we fully connect with ourselves, others and our surroundings – everything is connected to the source that bonds together. We can then drink deeply from the satisfying knowing that all is perfect as it is.

#  #  #  #  #  #

…… and truth be told, I would still be on that plane regardless of the situation in Russia; because I want to keep my word and not disappoint the people expecting me over there, regardless of what happens.

This little incident reminds me of what I recently thought of:-

Life really is very short indeed. Life is precious. To live fully, without regrets, to enjoy every moment is a successful life well lived. Are we truly living (yet)?



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