I Don’t Remember How It Happened 忘了事情如何发生


all words & images remain the copyright of Shantih Shala Holistic Arts

I don’t remember how it happened. It was gradual and spontaneous all at the same time. ‘It’ being the miraculous rediscovery/rebirth of pure, Universal Love and joy in my heart space. Perhaps it is an opening of Anahatha Chakra (the Heart Energy Centre), perhaps it is a mini enlightenment process or something else. However, it is undisputedly an awakening from deep within the subtle energy body. At times it feels as if my heart is bursting with joy and gratitude, whereby I find myself telling people that I honestly do love everybody (!).

Merely having and experiencing this unlimited capacity to love and accept everyone as they are greatly humbles me, grounds, fascinates me. Regardless of how brief this shining, innocent loving quality stays within me, I savour every drop of the pure joy it brings. I would like to imagine these peaceful, loving sensations are nourishing my very being, purifying every cell in me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Hence, it is a privilege indeed to share this joy and love with everyone, every living creature around me.

I have long discovered that only by taking full responsibility for ourselves – to truly accept, love and be true to ourselves, can we live a balanced and happy life. Only when we are genuine, contended and happy, can we live as a whole person.

A whole person is a person who is always conscious, peaceful. He/she is happiness itself. If we are conscious enough, this inner joy and peace gradually becomes a natural state within us, it becomes us as we merge ourselves into it. When this happens, there is no more need or desire to continuously seek happiness externally as it is already a part of our being. In fact, it is our being right this moment, if you do so decide. We can choose to be happiness itself. We can be happy now. There is no search necessary at all, we have already arrived at where we are meant to be.

Having this said, naturally it is not easy to accept, let alone be contended and love our current situations sometimes. If however, we remind ourselves that everything happens for a reason, all in good time, then there is no more confusion or suffering. It is a fact that the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. It is a fact that sometimes the weather doesn’t go according to the weather forecast. It is a fact that in this lifetime I was born in the 21st century …… and the list goes on. There are no accidents in our existence, every event, down to its minute details are literally written in the stars as it is popularly said. Every person we met in our lives, every event we experienced brought us to where we are right now. The fact is, each one of us are merely going through what our are meant to experience. With this understanding in mind, it is rather pointless to argue, complain or aggressively try to change (some) things. It would be wiser to just observe and accept with compassion of what is, especially with other people.

Instead of trying to fight with what is, instead of facing the reality in a negative manner, perhaps it is wiser, easier to be open and accept the reality of the moment. This doesn’t mean that we allow mistreatment from others or simply accept negative situations as a helpless victim. On the contrary, we simply stay focus in the present, accept what is in the moment with openness, calmness and compassion. If we can observe our behaviour, thoughts and emotions rather than allowing it to take control of us (which sometimes lead to us losing control like becoming angry, judgmental, defensive, upset, worried and so on), we experience a complete shift of energy that is clear and grounding. In this state, the natural inner intelligence within us has the space to flow into action, taking care of whatever situation we might find ourselves in. Particularly when in challenged situations, one goes into the ‘fright or flight’ mode, instinctively knowing what to do, also known as ‘thinking on our feet’. When my wise teacher taught us, “Yoga is skillfulness in action”, I guess this is what she meant. Yoga is one of the keys to help discover, develop and sharpen this inner intelligence within each of us.

This Universal Love is like a vast ocean within the heart space that has no depth. It has the miraculous ability to transcend everything into pure love. If we are completely still and quiet, if we observe attentively and openly, without any judgment or expectations, you will be warmly greeted and then nourished by this joyful, healing wave. Unconditional love, pure acceptance, peace, compassion, gratitude, humbleness, care, truth, abundance all make up this powerful healing wave.

When this love is present, I feel fully connected in every way – in my body, breath, mind, emotions. I also feel fully connected to my surroundings, in awe of the reflections from the flowers shining in the sunlight, enjoying the subtlest chirpings from a bird faraway, feeling the softness of the grass, being in outmost gratitude to the earth for grounding me, thanking everyone and everything around me. There is this beautifully intoxicating knowing that I am indeed very much connected to the Source, that there is indeed no separation at all. This feeling of oneness washes over the very core of my being like a gentle wave. It continues to enliven me, keeping me present moment by moment. Time stands still, everything is perfect as it is in this eternal space.

Among the many joyful experiences I shared with others reinforces my own interpretations of this Universal Love. Often when I give Energy Healing sessions, many experienced feelings of deep peace, feeling loved and cared for, sometimes even feeling as if they were lovingly embraced (even though it didn’t happen physically).  What happens is an exchange of energy between the giver and receiver. It is a beautiful, natural healing process. I do not take credit for the healing as I am merely an instrument of the healing process. I become a channel that passes on the Universal Life Force Energy that flows into the receiver. It is indeed a great privilege to be able to share this passion with others.

Whatever blocked energies that is waiting to be released, however one chooses to approach the situation, entirely depends on the receiver. When the receiver allow themselves to just be who they are, and release all that is inside them, a tremendous freedom is relieved. It is a beautifully humbling experience, however the outcome may be.

Please do be kindly reminded that all you read here are merely my interpretations and experiences. It may or may not be relevant at all to you. It may even sound quite outlandish or give the impression that I am overly-imaginative and naive. Perhaps it is all true, perhaps it is all in my mind, who knows? I can only say that I felt it and I continue to love feeling it. It nourishes me. It saved me, literally, countless times in so many ways.

However, I will say that Yoga and Energy Healing is my saviour. They are powerful, transformative tools to help us on the journey of truth, self-enquiry, healing, knowledge. I see the positive changes clearly, and how it brings out the potential in anyone who practices. A few times, I had the honour of using Yoga as a tool to actually save someone’s life. The practice is so simple yet it brings about such profound benefits it is truly astounding.

Please do not believe anything that is expressed here as they are not your personal experiences. You are free to think and believe whatever thoughts, ideas that you may have, and they may all well be true.

However, I do invite and encourage you to be open, try these practices (Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing, Self-Inquiry) and find out what happens. Be warned though that these practices are not recommended for those who does not want change, or those who are not willing to step into themselves, or not willing to learn with a humble heart. This is definitely not an easy journey as you will discover many aspects that you may not like to face. Ironically however, it is crucial that we face our dark sides or often neglected aspects as the first steps in overcoming our challenges. Our self-growth begins with a decision to choose whether or not to take the first step.

Change is inevitable (as we know). The question is, how do we respond to change? Are we flexible and courageous enough to allow change? Are we present enough to observe when change is happening?

If you are indeed very interested in Self-Inquiry, to have a balanced quality of life, to have a harmonious lifestyle with yourself, others and your surroundings, or simply just curious – wait no more and start practicing now. You may have some very pleasant surprises and joyful experiences waiting to be experienced.


All words & images remain the copyright of Shantih Shala Holistic Arts

一切文字于图片属于 Shantih Shala Holistic Arts 版权所有



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