Kissing Bliss 与天赐的福亲密接触


I kissed Bliss the other day

Although there was nothing to see

Nothing to hear

Nothing to taste

Nothing to smell

Yet I sensed complete sweetness

I felt Unconditional Love from within

Such purity and freshness

Gentle as a feather

Innocent as a newborn

Light as air

Bright as sunshine

Clear as fresh raindrops

The tenderness on my lips

The fleeting sensations warm on my skin

Intoxicating in the gentlest of ways

Therein also lies a powerful presence that was barely there

Its ways mysterious yet always comforting

I felt It was quietly, lovingly supporting me

with a grateful and sincere heart

I continue to give It thanks silently, humbly

I surrender myself into the luminosity of the moment

Merging my whole being into this bubble of Bliss

Eventually my breath almost cease to exist

Yet I feel more and more at peace

Everything around me faded away

Time stood still

My body feels weightless as if floating in space

Reaching higher and higher up to meet Father Sky

At the same time fully grounded by Mother Earth

The heart space continued to expand with joy and lightness

Like a lotus coming into full bloom

I dived deeper into the depths of the heart space

Realizing there is no end to this depth

This space felt like Infinity

It is timeless, eternal

such clarity transcending way beyond this physical reality

A subtle wave of healing energy washes over me

Like a soft breeze caressing as a mother to a child

I am humbled by the Love and Compassion of the moment

I surrender myself completely to these sensations

Bathing in the purifying energies of my Meditation

Perhaps this is a Spiritual Shower as I have heard

Or perhaps in the present moment

I was graced by the presence of Unconditional Love / God / the Universe

I am the witness of this beautiful experience

I thank the Universe for allowing me to be here

I thank the Earth for holding me

I thank the Sky for providing me space

I thank the Sun for encouraging me

I thank the Moon for reminding me the beauty in everything

I thank the Past for helping me arrive where I am today

I thank the Future for what it may be

I thank the Present for showing me who I am

I thank my family for giving me Life

I thank all my teachers, students, friends

I thank the wonders of Yoga, Meditation, Healing

I share this Love and Joy with every soul with outmost sincerity

May you always be deeply nourished in every way








kissing Bliss is like kissing fresh raindrops

try it and you might have an idea how it feels…


all words & images remain the copyright of Shantih Shala Holistic Arts



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