11.1.11 Group Healing Meditation 一 一.一. 一 一 冥想能量圈

11.1.11 一 一.一. 一 一

11.1.11 Group Healing Meditation 一 一.. 一 一 冥想能量圈

11.1.11 or Jan 11th , 2011 is the date this coming Tuesday.

Rarely there comes such a unique coincidence of numeric arrangement. Those who practice the science of Numerology might have much interesting insights and analysis based on this magical date. Is it auspicious? Is it a celestial sign that holds specific omens? Will be bring good luck? Will the energy of the Earth and the Universe become stronger? Will it be similar to the case of when the Full or New Moon occurs, bringing about a heightened sense of sensitivity in all living creatures – especially human beings with all its emotional complexities? Should we expect something extraordinary to occur? Will it awaken and accelerate our spiritual growth?

Are all these simply myths or superstitions? It is of course, entirely up to you to decide. As with everything, we all have our own views, we are free to choose whatever we believe or acknowledge. There is no right or wrong, should or should not’s.  Whatever meaning you would like to define of this, whatever your beliefs, it is all perfect. It could hold outmost significance or completely the opposite, however you choose will be just fine.

Nevertheless, one cannot deny that such an unusual event does not occur everyday. Therefore it does become significantly more extraordinary than most days. The romantic in me would like to imagine that this day is indeed very special and holds transformative, powerful forces. Regardless of your beliefs or views, there is no harm in participation. Why not then ride on this healing wave and maximize its powers, or just be open to give, as well as to receive healing? Why not use this special energy to give and receive from everyone, every living creature, the Earth, Nature, the Universe?

Hence, I invite you to join me for a Group Healing Meditation on 11.1.11 at 1:11am, 11:11am, 1:11pm and 11:11pm.

There are no specific requirements or instructions, no RSVP required, nothing to prepare. You can do it alone or with a group. All that is encouraged is to be open, to have the genuine intention of participating and receiving this Universal Healing through our collective consciousness.

Find a quiet place, switch off phones and block any external noise or distractions, either sit as you would during Meditation, or lie down, as long as you are comfortable. Then close your eyes, stay relaxed, be still, quiet the mind by observing your breath. Continue to do this and try not to get involved with your thoughts. Gradually begin to focus on the intention of receiving healing energy from your breath, your surroundings, everyone in your life, animals, plants, minerals, all living beings, Mother Nature, the Earth, the Sky, the Oceans, the Mountains, the Universe. You could also acknowledge the Gods and Goddesses, Deities, Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and other entities if you like. Give thanks to all, ask for guidance, forgiveness, protection and anything you feel appropriate. Consciously, graciously receive their love, care, guidance and good intentions. It may be so subtle you could barely feel it, but just be aware of the powerful healing energies within you as it occurs.

In return, give back to all. Consciously send out your love, care and good intentions to all entities mentioned above, all living beings in the World, the Universe, Space. Whatever suffering you may have personally, whatever situation someone might be in, realize that you are genuinely assisting him/her/it overcoming the challenges by sending your healing thoughts, blessings, prayers and good intentions. This will be a wonderful opportunity to make peace with other people or events in our lives, especially with ourselves, who often is in disharmony or pain due to the seductive temptations and influence of the egoic Self.

Do this for as long as you wish, there is no limit time-wise. Allow yourself full permission to feel, observe and experience every thought, every emotion, every sensation without any judgment. Be open and surrender to whatever is, whatever you may be experiencing. It may not easy sometimes, but it is deeply healing, humbling and grounding. When we give in to what is, the Universal Love within us starts to flow. An inner intelligence within us enlightens us that the conflicts, stress and misery we experience are an unnecessary waste of time and energy. Everything begins melting away as we start letting go. There is only peace, light, joy and love. They are all abundantly available right here in the present moment.

No matter which corner of the earth you may be at, no matter what you may be doing, no matter whatever situation you are in, as long as you have the intention to tune in, a healing will take place naturally. Kindly be reminded that it is also good not to have any expectations or results. Everything will adjust itself according to the natural flow of the Universe. The more we try to change or control matters aggressively, the more in conflict we become. Effortless is the key, having the right intentions is the doorway, going deeper within oneself is the beginning of the first step.

If however you are unable to participate in this Group Healing Meditation at the times I suggested (according to your local time zone), you could do it earlier and set your intentions/healing to ‘tune in’ (meaning to connect to) and ‘activate’ itself at the desired time with other practitioners. You could also notify the people in your life you want to dedicate the healing towards by asking them to tune in, or just be aware and ready to receive your good intentions. In other words, your intentions/healing can be set like an alarm clock to work! This is known as Absent Healing. Yes, it is very much possible indeed. And no, there are no worries for any negative energy – only pure, good intentions will be channeled and sent out as the power of the Universe is after all, Unconditional Love for all.

Thus, I sincerely hope you will participate in this special event. Perhaps we could see this as a small contribution of our time and energy for the healing of humanity and Life. Love, give, receive, forgive, forget, let go, allow, heal, all is perfect as it is. As we combine our individual healing energies, the collective consciousness strengthens and expands; an epidemic and hopefully global healing is achieved, little by little, layer by layer. We can do our parts by beginning the healing process with ourselves.

Please do contact me if you have further questions regarding this or related topics and I will try my best to help. I also greatly welcome your thoughts and look forward to share your experiences.

Here’s wishing you a blissful Healing Meditation ahead!


love & light to you,


二零一零年一月十一日   一 一.一. 一 一



其实无论你相信与否数字学的理论,无论你有任何的观点都无所谓。我个人属于浪漫主义者,我选择相信这天是很特别的日子。我想借用这天的特殊能量充分利用起来,把我的真诚祝福、祈祷、 愿望、 爱意、关怀、感恩、 慈悲更加深入投送给所有人、动物、植物、生命、世界、宇宙。但愿一切生命幸福、平安。



(P.S: this post was meant to be published a long time ago but was unsuccessful due to network problems)


For further info, please visit 更多资料: http://globalpsychics.com/enlightening-you/numerology/1111.shtml

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