Her Wish Came True (A Powerful Family Constellation & Healing Circle story) 她的愿望成真了(一个家庭族列及能量治疗圈的故事)

there is no separation: we are all connected

Her Wish Came True (A Powerful Family Constellation and Healing Circle story)

她的愿望成真了(一个家 排列及能量治疗圈的故事)

There is no doubt that every one of us are deeply connected to one another. On the soul level in another dimension, there is ultimately, no separation between all beings. Beings include humans, animals, plants, minerals, all life forms, all sentient beings. For now, let us just examine ourselves (human beings) through the following story.

It was a very special day indeed. We attended a wonderful morning of Yoga sadhana (practice) and enjoyed a simple breakfast together afterwards. The positive energy from the practice continued to radiate inside everyone as we ate and chatted along happily. Eventually the group dispersed and there were only six of us left.

A spontaneous idea sprung to my mind and I decided to act on it. The urge of conducting a Family Constellation and Healing Circle have been bubbling inside me for quite some time now. I felt very comfortable in this group as we are quite close, plus the energy/chemistry between us is nice and relaxed. However, I was having a tiny little concern that a new comer, a young girl in the group may not be ready for the transformative, powerful healing that lies ahead. I knew that healing sessions, especially when amplified by the power of a group could sometimes be overwhelming, albeit deeply powerful and healing. The last thing I desire is to frighten tender souls which may not be ready, let alone be open to this type of healing work and transformation. Nevertheless, the idea was set in my head, the energy of the people present felt good, they were all open to try this new experience with me, the setting was appropriate, the time seemed perfect. It’s now or never, and so I seized the opportunity.

We formed a Healing Circle and started sharing our stories. It continues to strike me in owe just how healing it is to offer compassionate listening. When we drop our egos, when we become brave to be vulnerable, when we fully open our hearts and allow others space to be who they are, say how they feel, and just listen without any judgment, prejudice and reactions, a powerful healing takes place naturally.

After hearing everyone’s story, I immediately sensed that the story of the tender young girl is the one most appropriate to focus on. In other words, she will be the main character that our ‘family drama’ features and work on. Her story will become our case study for the day. Her nickname was Little Angel as aptly and affectionately referred to.

Within seconds, the roles of her father, mother and Little Angle herself was swiftly established, all roles were randomly selected and played out by other participants in the group. All was done based purely on instincts and intuition, without allowing my rational mind to get involved in order to keep it as genuine and spontaneous as much as possible.

Without given much background information, under minimum guidance, the ‘actors’ and ‘actresses’ gradually merged into their roles accordingly. The only instructions were to remain open, to be guided by emotions and feelings at the present moment then act purely based on instincts. Literally, no mind was involved in the process, just raw feelings. As if our group was shrouded in a miraculous mist of energy, we saw our friends transform and merged themselves into these complete strangers right before our eyes.

We witnessed pure magic as the process unfolded. Even though the character roles were totally alien to every one of us except the Little Angel herself, yet the ‘actors’ and ‘actresses’ actually became these very roles they played. They felt, sensed, thought, spoke, tasted, behaved and reacted as if they actually were these characters themselves. They in fact lived these characters. Many words were spoken, looks and glances exchanged, body language expressed – all driven by authentic, raw and emotional messages straight from the heart. They related, reacted and conversed with each other as the characters would in person, in reality. In other words, a genuine family drama was naturally played out as it is in real life. The ‘actors’ and ‘actresses’ vanished, only the character roles were present.

What unfolded was (another) touching, beautiful, powerful and healing story that is all human. Our pain, sorrow, confusion, anger, despair, love, hatred, resentment, joy, bliss, gratitude transcend beyond our own hearts and connects with the hearts of others. This is a powerful example to remind us that we are all deeply connected. There is no separation whatsoever.

Indeed, how does one explain the inner knowing of a total stranger’s emotional landscape? Being a healthy person, how come the actress suddenly felt the extreme discomfort in her gut and knew by instinct the character she played suffered from migraine? She was in fact momentarily ‘infected’ by her character’s illnesses as she was living in her character’s skin: she was rained on by her pain, tasted the bitterness of her sorrow, cried her tears, engulfed by her despair, anguished by her confused thoughts. Throughout this magical process, she lived Little Angel’s life and felt all her experiences. The actress was Little Angel herself. Miraculously as it is, there was no acting involved, only expressions of genuine, raw feelings.

If we are not indeed deeply connected to one another, how else would we be able to actually feel and become another person? What is this peculiar, even eerie phenomenon of taking on another person’s energy and experiencing their emotions in ourselves? The skeptic in us will convince ourselves that it is merely an overly rich imagination being acted out like a fantasy role play. Once you participate and witness the actual event personally, you realize just how real everything is. There is no room for denial or escape as everything happens right before your own eyes.

One of the most valuable lesson this kind of healing session offers is that we are able to see just exactly how the relationships are in our lives. It offers new insights into ourselves and our relationships by helping us to look beyond the surface with fresh eyes as an outsider. During the healing process, one is given the opportunity to merely become a spectator – to watch and observe just how we and the people in our lives think, feel and behave. It provides an opportunity for us to literally step into another person’s shoes (mind and body to be more precise in this context) and understand how it feels like for them. Hence there is no more excuse of not being more understanding and considerate to others, after experiencing and going through what they have. We will naturally be more loving, open, tolerant, understanding and compassionate to others in future. Ultimately, it is only natural that we want to become a more peaceful, loving person which also equals to being a happy and balanced person.

However, it involves great humility, courage, patience and openness in order to have a successful healing, to undergo the transformative forces of healing. It requires one to become completely Yin (non-reactive or neutral), drop their egos, surrender to vulnerability and become totally comfortable with emotional roller coaster rides as the layers of yourself, and others exposes and expresses itself. The more vulnerable one allows oneself to be, the deeper the healing goes, the more powerful the transformative potential it creates.

Frightening? Yes indeed, it could be. However, remember that whatever we fear and resist most is exactly what we need to face up to. The more we escape, the more challenging the situation gets, the more we remain stuck in our behavioral patterns and mental conditioning, and so the vicious cycle continues.

The reality is, what I feel is how you feel. Your pain is my pain. You are me, I am you, we are one. Anything you feel is what I feel inside, albeit in a different way, in varying degrees and vice versa. Everyone is a reflection of us, no matter how different it may seem externally. Everyone and every event in our lives is a result of our inner landscape. There is no separation between you and me, between us and the plants, animals, minerals, all living creatures. We are also not separated fro, the Earth, Sky, Sun, Moon, Stars, mountains, oceans, rocks, the World, the Universe. All is one entity. We all belong to a single entity, one single source of energy that is all love, timeless and omnipresent. Ultimately, we can all find our way back to this place called Home.

Like a fairy tale, our healing session concluded with a nice, happy ending. There was much exchanging, listening, understanding and forgiving as the characters expressed their true feelings to each other, said what they wanted to say and made peace. I could feel the hearts of every one melting into a deep, unconditional love that is at once blissful, joyful and full of gratitude. Despite the freezing weather, this loving feeling in the air warmed our hearts and made us glow from within. Furthermore, we set the intentions of sharing and sent out this healing energy to ourselves, our loved ones, and all living creatures everywhere. As nice as it is to receive, it is also equally nice to give.

Later I found out Little Angel had actually made a wish that she could find a way to help her parents would make peace with each other. She had wished for a miracle healing to this dilemma in her life. Oddly enough, perhaps I did receive her message on a subconscious level and I happened to instinctively chose her story as our case study. Little Angel was very thankful, grateful and happy to receive this healing. Her real parents undoubtedly would have undergone a deep healing via this process, and all of us present healed our own hearts as we connected to this powerful group energy. As for me, I am just plain happy and feel so blessed I am able to help others on their path of healing and self-growth. I am humbled. I thank Little Angel for making her wish, for bringing us together and thus creating a powerful healing for all of us!

15th Jan, 2011 Shanghai


二零一一年,一月十五日。 上海




我突然有了一个想法。长久以来我都想做一次家族排列能量治疗圈的尝试。我觉得这六个人很合适,因为我们相当亲近,之间的关系也很友善温和。然而我还有一丝顾虑,对一位新加入的女孩,我担心她也许还没有对眼下即将开始的治疗和转化做好准备。我知道这类治疗,虽然有很深的疗愈性,但有时候可能会过于强烈,尤其当被参与者的能量放大时。我担心这会惊吓到年轻柔弱的她,也许她还没准备好,更不用说敞开和转化了。然而,想法已经成形,大家所呈现的能量场很好,他们都愿意向这个新尝试敞开自己,这是个好时机。此时不行动,更待何时? 我决意抓住这个机会。

我们组成了一个能量治疗圈,开始分享各自的故事。 我再次想起来、强烈地感受到,满怀同情的倾听是多么地具有治疗性。当我们卸下各自的小我,勇敢地展示弱点,当我们完全地敞开心灵,接受别人的样子,听他们述说自己的情感,就只是倾听,不加入任何判断,偏见和反应,这时候,强有力的治疗自然发生了。







如何解释我们可以知晓一个陌生人的情感世界? 为什么健康的角色扮演者,会突然地经验到身体的不适并且直觉地认为原型曾经遭受偏头痛的困扰?事实上当活在原型的躯体中时,扮演者暂时被染上了她的疾病。她痛苦着她的痛苦,悲伤着她的悲伤,流着她的泪,被她的绝望所吞噬,困惑着她的困惑。在这奇妙的过程中,她活在小天使的生命中并经验到她的一切。扮演者是小天使本人。奇妙的是,这里并没有演技的介入,只有真实而原始的情感表达。

若我们没有深层的彼此连接,我们怎么能够真实地感受并且成为另一个人? 这奇特甚至怪异的事件的实质是有关接收他人的能量并随之经验到那个人的情感吗? 怀疑论者对自己说这只不过是一次极富想象力的梦幻角色游戏。然而如果你能亲自参与其中,你就会了解一切有多么地真实。当亲眼目睹整个发生时,你无法否认或逃避。


然而一个成功的治疗需要极大的谦卑,勇气,耐心和开放度,去承受治疗带来的转化力。这要求完全的“阴” ( 不起反应或保持中性),扔掉小我,臣服于自身的弱点,并且完全地跟随情感的起伏,不仅在自身的层面,也在其他方面自然流露。你越是允许自己脆弱、真情流露,治疗就越能达到深度,其产生的转化力也越强烈。

可怕吗? 也许。但是要记得我们最深的恐惧和抵抗恰恰就是我们得面对的。我们越是逃避,更大的挑战会出现,我们会更深地陷入自己的行为模式和精神禁锢中,形成恶性循环。






Special thanks to Tarika for translating this article into Chinese!!

All words & images remain the copyright of Shantih Shala Holistic Arts

一切文字于图片属于 Shantih Shala Holistic Arts 版权所有


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