The Moscow Times (Part II) 莫斯科时报(二)

The article ‘ The Moscow Times’ was written on September 18th, 2010 while I was in Moscow, Russia. The day I traveled was Sept 10th, 2010, one day before the anniversary of 9/11. The headline of The Moscow Times newspaper inspired me to write the article. The title was (aptly) named “Bomb Hits Russia”. Obviously, it was based on true events that the title referred to at that time. However, one could not help but wonder at the underlying dark homour to all this.

I can honestly admit that I deliberately chose NOT to travel on Sept 11th. Perhaps the horrifying history has indeed polluted my mind that it is unsafe to travel by air on this particular date. I am sure all is fine, the world never stops turning, and all that is meant to happen will happen. Mere superstition or not, it is a choice that I have made.

9/11 was indeed one of the most disastrous human catastrophe in modern history. How frighteningly insane it is that we actually inflict harm onto others simply based on different thoughts and ideology. Alas, all that happened shall remain in the past. The aftereffects of history will continue to take its course in its own organic way. We can only hope, pray and trust all is well as we continue to move forward.

Another viewpoint is to look at this event as a major wake-up call for our collective consciousness. Without a huge impact and massive changes, perhaps the message we were meant to receive would not have reached us. If we can consider that every person that enters our lives, every event in our lives happens for a reason, then perhaps we can consider this event as an important message for humanity. Looking at the surface, one sees only mass destruction, evil, hatred, violence and suffering. On the other hand, there would be no potential for growth and expansion if not for this mishap. This tragedy turned normal folks into super heroes, it intoxicated total fearlessness into every day people who selflessly tried to rescue total strangers. Often, it is only during deeply intense moments of great hardship and conflict that our fullest potential is expressed.

Sadly, there was indeed much loss, sacrifice, pain and suffering in the process. However, this is the nature of how things evolve. Remember that everything exists in duality: without loss, there would not be love; without sacrifice, there would not be gain; without pain, there would not be pleasure; without suffering, there would not be joy. Without destruction and death, there would be no birth and life. We can choose to either learn how to handle ourselves on both sides of the double-edged sword, or be completely thrown out of balance. The solution is to learn how to accept both the positive and negative polarities that exists in everyone and every event in our lives. In other words, we learn to accept all that is.

Without the occurrence of this event, the powerful spirit of mankind that is Unconditional Love would also not have been triggered. We saw so many people across the world united as one loving, caring, compassionate soul. One Soul. Our intentions were purely to care, to help, to love. Is it not a grand success when humankind can finally unite itself as one extremely powerful entity? The day when every one in the world understand and realize there is no separation between us, that we are all deeply connected is the day of great Peace. Earth will then become a natural Haven for the benefit of all humankind and all sentient beings.

The Universe simply flows with infinite changes at every moment, regardless of the turn of events. Whatever happens, tomorrow the sun will still rise in the East and set in the West, waters will still flow in the rivers and seas, gravity will still support our existence, people will still go to work, eat, sleep, function and so on. The momentum of our world and the Universe will continue second by second. It never stops. It is entirely up to us to decide how we would like to live our existence – either in a harmonious or disharmonious way, either living in fear/pain/regret/anger/confusion or in openness/peace/forgiveness/acceptance/clarify. Our humble lesson is to be here and learn to flow with the present moment instead of resisting or creating more conflict.

Meanwhile, I wonder how does the citizens of Russians feel about news headlines like the above? What about the foreigners who live in Russia? What is the world’s view about this……?


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