FoOd FoR tHoUgHt: sOmEtHiNG to ChEw oN…… 精神粮食


inner landscape of our brains?

The old year has passed. A fresh, new year is here. Time to clear out any remaining unnecessary clutter (physically, mentally and emotionally), let go of the past and bid farewell to any disempowering, limiting belief systems to make room for new possibilities.

Being a curious student, I love asking and contemplating questions. I find questions are sometimes answers in itself as it is a self-enquiry process. There is much insight to be discovered, knowledge to be learnt and perhaps even enlightenment to be enjoyed if we maintain an open mind, keep our hearts humble and surrender to grace. Alas, the progressive student never impose any demands onto themselves or others, nor do they hold any false expectations during their quest for learning. What shall be known, received, experienced will happen as appropriate, it is what just it is. There is no force, conflict or suffering whatsoever in the process.

If my writing/thoughts/teachings could offer the slightest insight, let alone provide guidance and inspiration, I would like to think that I have done a good deed and made a small contribution to society. I feel extremely honoured and humbled.

Therefore, I invite you to ponder these questions and share your insights or feedback with me, if you do feel so inclined. Regardless whether it is positive or negative, we can always agree to disagree. At least, we have the opportunity to learn from each other as we add another new angle of looking at the matter. I hope these questions may offer some food for thought and that you find some joy in the process.

Thank you for sharing your time and thoughts with me, and for connecting with me.


旧的一年已经过去。新的一年已到达。是时候抛开一切剩余、无用处的陈旧 、消极的想法及能量,好让有足够的空间容纳新的可能性,去接受新的经验。

我是永远的学生,天生好学,喜欢研究事物,提问和探讨各种疑问。我发现往往在提问时候就会从中获取答案,因为(可能)疑问的问题本身就是答案 ,提问只是寻找答案的过程而已。只要我们保持开阔、宁静的心胸,并愿意接纳一切属于当下的状况,无限的新知识、新体验正等着我们去吸取和尝试,甚至开悟的机会都有可能实现。当然,理智的学者决不会纯粹为了达到目标而对自己或其他人做出任何要求,也决不会定下虚假、不踏实的期望。他知道一切该发生的就会自然实现 、进展、成熟、结束 。勉强去要求和改变事实不但让我们无能为力,反而制造更多问题、挣扎和痛苦。唯有安然地允许、配合自然宇宙的节奏,平静地接纳一切的发生才有可能真正学习和成长。








sOmEtHiNG to ChEw oN…… 想想看,感觉看。。。。

Question: If you have one hour to live, what would you do?


My thoughts 我的想法: (iF) yOu HaVe 1 hOuR To LiVe (如果)你只有一小时可以活着

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Question: What are you addicted to??你对什么上瘾了?

My thoughts 我的想法: Addictions -Part I: What are you addicted to?? 你对什么上瘾了?

Question: Where is your home?你家在哪儿?

My thoughts 我的想法: Where is your home? 你家在哪儿?



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2 Responses to “FoOd FoR tHoUgHt: sOmEtHiNG to ChEw oN…… 精神粮食”
  1. Dearest Jo

    Thanks for sharing your journey through your artistic wanderings. I love them!

    If i had one hour to live, i would forgive myself and everyone and everything, i would feel and share love with my immediate family and others in the proximity (both physical and in spirit or thought), i would send gratitude to the whole cosmos inside me and outside for all the wonderful things in my life, when the closing seconds were nearing i would call on my Mother and Father Light to embrace me and guide my thought to be focused and centered in the Nucleus of Light.

    That’s what came just now. Thank you for your beautiful question. It made my day.
    Heaps of Love and big Cosmic hugs 🙂

    • shantihshala says:

      dearest Chrys,

      so sorry for my late reply as I have been so busy! thank YOU for sharing your thoughts, feedback and beautiful words too.

      Take care and chat again soon!

      lots of love & healing,

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