(iF) yOu HaVe 1 hOuR To LiVe (如果)你只有一小时可以活着

Prana - the dance of life

(If) you have one hour to live.

What would you do?

Please take a deep breath and feel the meaning of this sentence. There is no need to strain your mind, no intellect or concentration is necessary. Like all simple yet profound questions, there is no right or wrong answer, should or should not’s. All it does is merely show you who you truly are at crucial moments in life. In this context, your true nature is revealed at the time just before your departure from this (earth) plane.

One day contains 86,400 seconds.

One year is 60 seconds x 60 minutes x 24 hours x 365 days, which equals to 3,1,536,000 number of seconds in a calendar year.

We all know mathematically, one hour contains 60 minutes or 3,600 seconds.

But, how long is an hour really, energetically?

Out of 3,600 seconds within the 24 hours in which we call a day, where does your time go? When was the last time you looked at how you invest your time and energy?

How many minutes do you spend in the shower? How long do you stand in front of the mirror? How much time is spent on traveling to work? How many minutes do you take for your meals? How much time do you spend on gossiping about others or complaining about the weather? Do you spend time reflecting on the day’s activities before bed? Do you invest time in nurturing habits and/or practices? Or do you find yourself spending endless time indulging in pointless activities? Do you take time to connect with yourself?

What about your time taken up by other people or events? How much time do you spend with your loved ones? How many minutes does it take to pick up the phone and call someone to say hi? How much time is needed to look into someone’s eyes and smile in acknowledgement when you greet them? How long does it take to hold a door open for the next person? How much time do you need to stand up and give your seat to a needy person?

Sometimes an intimating glance can paralyze us into absolute emotional chaos. Sometimes a friendly smile can instantly lift the heaviness in the chest and connect our hearts with others within seconds. Sometimes a seemingly insignificant, subtle movement can spark off raging fury like a fierce forest fire, consuming the angry person, and perhaps others as well, in a blinding rage. Sometimes even though words have not been exchanged, the energy of the person or situation nevertheless erupts like a fierce volcano, consuming everything in its path.

We have all experienced sudden, profound moments of deep connection, overwhelmed by strong expressions as if washed over by a gigantic wave, within fractions of a second. That is the power of energy. Thoughts, emotions, expressions are merely results of the interplay of this raw energy that has connected our basic instincts and awakened our inner selves. It is similar to a reflex action, as natural as breathing, no thinking or any mindful thought process involved at all.

Now let’s take a look at how much time it actually takes for emotions to occur, whether to create it or be a recipient of it.

Have you wondered how much time it takes for one to feel an emotion? How much time is required from us to make someone feel loved and cared for? How many minutes or seconds does it take to offer compassion, show respect and express appreciation?

Even though everyone may have a different answer, or several different answers to the above questions, I am quite certain the common answer would be, “not long”. If we want be a bit more specific and scientific, the answers may include “a nanosecond”, or “within a fraction of a second”, “at the speed of light” and so on. However, we are not so concerned with this kind of intellectual precision as we are not engaging in any scientific or mathematical debate, but rather, more importantly, we are looking at the emotional or spiritual value here.

I also wonder about the influence of our thoughts, gestures, behaviour, emotions and feelings – how many seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades, centuries do they span? Can the energy of consciousness continue to affect the people and environment over long periods of time?

In my humble opinion, I know this potential is in fact very high. Across the world, there are many nations built on certain ideology and emotions that is as potent today as it were from the days of their ancestors. The collective consciousness of humanity can literally move mountains – affecting tremendous change on a global scale. Hence the many disturbing and alarming occurrence on the global social, financial, environmental front, like crime, inflation, natural disasters and many other crises. The point is, are we ready to reconsider our patterns of behaviour, let go of our destructive, negative ways of thinking and start changing our attitudes? The higher our consciousness is, the overall betterment of humanity and Life in general, will greatly improve and benefit.

Most of us have heard the popular saying, “live each day as if your last”. It is one of my favourite sayings, among many others. Now I would like to take it up a notch and alter it to, “live each moment as if your last”.

Each moment is a death of the past. Each moment is a new birth of the present. The continual dying and birthing cycle is as natural as the rise and fall of the sun and moon. Our bodies die everyday and renews itself every night when we sleep. Just because we don’t realize and see significant results doesn’t mean it is non-existent. Similarly, our thoughts and emotions come and go just like the tides in the ocean. Any feelings or thoughts, no matter how seducing/gripping/fearful/blissful will come and go, sure as the sun will rise in the east tomorrow. All shall pass. It is pointless to hold onto any of these sensations as we are in conflict with nature’s laws.

So if I wake up feeling engulfed in despair, is it wise to dwell in this heavy cloud of destitute? Obviously, wallowing in self-pity, sorrow or worry won’t help the situation. Often however, most of us actually enjoy the histrionic, melancholy, even romantic nature of negative emotions, whether we are conscious of it or care to admit it. Losing ourselves amidst the melodrama serves as a release for our repressed emotions when there are no other known outlets for it. As a result, sometimes we even become empowered by these emotions. Often, such strong emotions awaken a raw, powerful energy that resides inside us like a wild beast. For some individuals, it is perhaps only during such moments of intense emotions that they actually feel alive. This explains their need to constantly search for intensity in their lives – so that they feel they are indeed very much part of the living world.

Another (intriguing) question then arise – does this mean these individuals feel like they are dead most of the time? The only difference between Life and Death is the former taking place on earth, and the latter on another dimension. One could argue there is no Death, only Life on a different plane. Life as we know it is this gross, physical world that our conscious mind and intellect defines it. What we know is not necessarily real. What we don’t know may not mean it is unreal. It could mean something completely different if one decides to rename or redefine ‘Life’. Is it not unwise to reject the possibility of Life on another level that merely takes another form?

Alas, we are reminded that it is safe to make false assumptions, deny or reject whatever we do not understand in order to be right, to feel secure. We are mere mortals after all, perfect with all our imperfections. It is human nature to be skeptical and fear the unknown. Perhaps submitting ourselves to these false sense of security may provide temporary relief, joy and bliss, but the truth of the matter exists. Ignorance, sometimes, is not always bliss, unfortunately.

We continue to use Life and Death as our subject matter for discussion. If we can allow the existence of Life in the world that we call Death, then there is no death after all, is there? Death merely takes another format, becomes another kind of Life on a different plane, exist in another dimension that is beyond this physical world that we currently live in. Perhaps, we can even laugh at the possibility that we are actually dead, or experiencing Death now if the conditions are reversed: if Death equals Life, and Life equals Death. It is only a manner of linguistic difference, a switch of ideas.  Who is to say this is not possible?

I am in no authority whatsoever to say what is right or wrong, good or bad, true or false. These are merely my individual expressions and opinions that I enjoy sharing. I find questions are sometimes answers in itself as it is a self-enquiry process. There is much insight to be discovered, knowledge to be learnt and perhaps even enlightenment to be enjoyed if we maintain an open mind, keep our hearts humble and surrender to grace. Hence, I invite you to ponder these questions and share your insights or feedback with me, if you do feel so inclined. Regardless whether it is positive or negative, we can always agree to disagree. At least, we have the opportunity to learn from each other as we add another new angle of looking at the matter.

A wise person said something along the lines of, “One who talks about death loves life. One who does not talk about death do not love life”. I couldn’t agree with this more.

Death is not a topic that ought to be shunned or prohibited. To me, Death is Life. Life is Death. They are two sides of the same coin. Death and Life both involves Change. They are both Change in itself. To deny Life is to deny Death, as with to deny Death is to deny Life. Hence, is it not time to embrace and celebrate Life, Death and Change as they are? We are experiencing Life, Death and Change every second.

As they say, time waits for no one. Every second is precious.

What are you doing with your seconds?

All words & images remain the copyright of Shantih Shala Holistic Arts

一切文字于图片属于 Shantih Shala Holistic Arts 版权所有


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