Tis the season of love is here… 爱的季节已来临

Unconditional Love, Universal Love, Love, Love, Love....


Whether you are a fan of Valentine’s Day or dread it like a disease, February 14th is a day that never fails to evoke various commotions across the globe. Naturally, it is a fruitful day for restaurants, hotels, jewelers, florists, chocolate makers and the luxury goods industry in general as they maximize on the spending urge of the masses.

When it comes to celebration, those gifted with an artistic flair, posses good taste and understands the art of being romantic is fortunate enough to be appreciated and perhaps even be reciprocated by their gallant, romantic ways. Those whom honestly don’t have a clue of what is it all about will probably be misunderstood, rejected and worse still, punished for their ignorance or lack of sensitivity. How unfair and cruel the world can be indeed. Alas, all’s fair in love and war as they say.

Furthermore, perhaps one may argue that it requires a fairly strong financial disposition to be able to afford being romantic. However, let us be reminded that true happiness is invaluable. Money doesn’t buy happiness; it can’t buy true happiness that includes peace and bliss. The best things in life are free, priceless. If you honestly have no idea how to express yourself to your loved one(s), or to yourself, just call up your family or friends and hug them. Dedicate a poem to yourself. Make a greeting card to give to your loved one(s). Small gestures go a long way, and everyone loves being appreciated.

Perhaps, from this year onwards we could all start by being our own Valentines, first and foremost. Instead of being critical, demanding, impatient, negative of ourselves, we can learn to treat ourselves as the most precious person on earth by being more loving, kind, understanding and supportive to ourselves. If we treat ourselves as a truly great friend, a companion of the highest importance, surely we will not allow any room for negativity, let alone put ourselves through much unnecessary stress, suffering, tension, dissatisfaction and the like. Is it not natural to want the person you value most to be happy, healthy and peaceful? Is it not joyful and humbling to have the ability to give love, care, attention, appreciation and put a smile on someone’s face? How come so many of us have forgotten just how precious we are, to the extent that we forgot how to love and value ourselves? The object of our affection can be ourselves – a new, humbling learning experience for us to explore.

Ergo, let’s celebrate Valentines’ Day by first expressing love and affection to ourselves. Be kind to yourself. Stop judging and criticizing yourself. Accept compliments and gifts graciously instead of rejecting it and actually realizing that you are highly regarded to receive them. Take time out for your own pleasurable pursuits without feeling guilty. Do something just because you would like to, and not because you have to. Indulge yourself in something that you have always desired and enjoy every drop of it. Often, it is the simplest pleasures in life that gives most joy. This will be a great opportunity to rediscover all those lost or forgotten little joys that we have (once) enjoyed. It’s time to play and have fun again!

When we are loving and kind to ourselves, it is second to nature when we express love and care to others. Loving ourselves also means loving others as we affect every being around us, and vice versa. As we treat ourselves right, the unconditional love within us will affect others and open their hearts too. It is this love that connects us all. Valentines’ Day blues will be history as we express love and care to others openly, lovingly, creatively. Whether you are enjoying single-hood or couple-hood, this simple practice can be practiced to your heart’s content anytime, anywhere, any day, and not just on Valentines’ Day. In fact, it is a simple, uplifting practice that is perfect to practice always. Everyday can be Valentines’ Day!

May your days always be blessed with love!



因此,也许我们可以开始尝试为自己庆祝情人节。 现实生活往往迎来各种紧张和压力,我们很容易失去自己,忘了爱护和关心自己。与其像平日般对自己多么苛刻,消极, 急躁等,我们可以学习对自己更加温柔,耐心和更有爱心。如果我们更加注重给予自己爱和快乐,我们身边的人也会自然地感受到这份爱和快乐。

让我们在这个情人节学习如何先爱自己吧。对自己更好些。别批评自己。 仁慈地、大方地接受他人的赞扬和好意,因为你是值得的,因为你受他人的注重。抽空点时间去做让自己开心的事情,也不需要任何理由,只要开心就好。往往最开心的事都是最简单的事,根本不需要花太多金钱,甚至与钱无关。纯粹地玩和享受快乐、幸福也是爱自己的一种方式。





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2 Responses to “Tis the season of love is here… 爱的季节已来临”
  1. Unmada says:

    Why is it so difficult for humans to look at their own darkness? Each wishes to believe that they are innocent, pure, “of the light”, and somehow not like those that one views within the world mirror that are war mongers or perpetrate violence in one manner or another. Alas, for each who is non-violent in the physical, one has many parallel lives that one is just as violent as the dance that one witnesses in the world mirror. To believe that the violence is outside of oneself is a vast lie; for there are billions of records of ancestors related unto oneself that participated in all forms of violence, from beating children to raping women to killing upon the battlefield to torturing others for information. There is nothing that occurs now in present time in the world mirror that is brutal that one has not also participated in within one’s ancestry. To believe one is somehow innocent is therefore a vast lie.

  2. Unmada says:

    Humans must learn to love again; they must open their hearts and learn to forgive again. The path of real forgiveness is not an easy path; one faces one’s largest innermost demons and the greatest darkness of one’s ancestry. As one faces one’s own darkness and forgives, the dance of love extends outward again allowing love to be the reigning force rather than fear. This cannot occur if one sweeps the karma and darkness elsewhere or on to others. It can only occur if one is willing to go inward and seek; seek to understand what one’s ancestry has done that is non-loving and caused pain unto others; and then to forgive. In the forgiveness, the brutality currently playing out on the world mirror can begin to fade, as love will emerge as a more powerful force than fear.

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