Addictions Part I Results: Prologue 你对什么上瘾了(一) 调查结果:序言

brain map? 大脑地图?


Previously I asked the question, “what are you addicted to?”

The word ‘addiction’ seemed to have become a key word in my everyday life ever since I wrote this article. Everywhere I went, there was something in the background that indicated or associated itself with addictions or obsessions. When I talked to people, the topic almost accidentally came up which evolved into an engaging conversation full of insights. Actually, change happens continuously, evolution occurs moment to moment. These topics appear to be highlighted topics when we focus our attention on them, but in fact it is always happening in the background.

Apparently, addictions and obsessions are as common as breathing, eating, sleeping and so on. Yet, the word itself evokes such fear, controversy, even hostility in most of us. It is also shrouded in shadows and coveys a slight mystery, a word that we mention in hushed tones, wary of the possible embarrassment or anger it may provoke. It baffles me that we tend to complicate something so simple and common by burdening it with over-analysis, stereotyping and probably an overly generous amount of self-imposed judgment as well. Such is the nature of the human mind, I guess.

Nevertheless, the curious and inquisitive nature in me never hesitates to ask questions (especially provocative questions), especially if there is an opportunity to learn from it. Instead of avoiding questions, there is a huge lesson in looking at why and how we react to certain questions. It is common knowledge that whatever we tend to resist most is probably what we need to face up to. Some wise folks said, “go towards your resistance”. It is true that often, whatever we resist, it shall persist unless we acknowledge it, surrender to it, make peace with it and therefore heal it. Learning to surrender takes outmost humility. It is a great lesson in itself, to be able to humble oneself. Escapism merely intensifies the brew of fear and/or resentment inside us. Once we learn to rise above the challenge, we are free from burden and liberated.

Herein lies an opportunity for discovery, learning and spiritual growth through contemplation and self-inquiry. Sometimes the questions itself hold the answers. Countless times, I have witnessed and experienced such powerful, healing transformations just through asking questions. Of course, sometimes answers may not even be necessary at all. This process could be therapeutic and deeply healing, if/when we are ready and open enough to accept it. Hence, is it not a great loss if we deny enquiring into ourselves, merely because we are uncomfortable in facing and/or answering certain questions? Is it not a disservice to oneself by denying ourselves the opportunity to learn and grow?


Read the results 阅读调查结果:

Read the original article 阅读原文章:

Addictions -Part I: What are you addicted to?? 你对什么上瘾了(一)?

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