(Working) Days of Spring in London 在伦敦工作的日子

Tower Bridge in London

old wall at London Tower

nice house on Lynhurst Road, London

old building near Lynhurst Road

quaint shops on Flinchly Road high street, London

statue in Leceister Square, London

stalls outside Hyde Park, London

scary tree in Hyde Park

Vica doing a handstand with help from mommy & daddy

handstand in Hyde Park

great tree in Hyde Park

statue at Hyde Park

Hyde Park and a park near Lynhurst Road

Krishna devotees at Oxford Circus

London Britannia mania

Liberty - one of the oldest and most famous mall in London

funky stuffs inside Liberty

cool water drop bowls

daily scenes in London

Yoga Nidra in the park

the famous Portobello Market 有名的跳蚤市场

The Union Jack all over the city centre during the Royal Wedding

London Underground - the Tube

English boys at Regents Park

English school girls, Belsize Park

dog waste only rubbish bin

English aubergines, Flinchly Road tube station

books on canvas, Tate Modern Art Museum

recycled art (made from vaccum cleaner dust), Tate Modern Art Museum

"Simon's Island" - portrait of the artist while his mom was pregnant, Tate Modern Art Museum

Sunflower Seeds installation by Ai Wei Wei, Tate Modern Art Museum

where I worked 我工作的地方

the shala

Buddha in London

Buddha in my room

Ganesha in the shala

"Don't blame me because I'm gorgeous!!"

the gorgeous grey cat who used to live here

Partner Yoga in London 伦敦的双人瑜伽课
a little bit of massage & release

Mummy & Vicky Yoga 妈妈和孩子瑜伽

Yoga Warrior (III) at Victoria station, London 在伦敦维多利亚车站的瑜伽武士
Headstand@Bayswater, London 在伦敦街头的头倒立
Pincha Mayurasana@St James Park, London 伦敦詹姆斯公园

with a bit of help from Ed, Assistant Photographer

Delicious home-made Italian food at home; gorgeous South East Asian food at Bugis Junction restaurant 在家吃厨师做的意大利菜,在餐厅吃东南亚菜!

in the jet from London going from London to Moscow, Russia 从伦敦飞往莫斯科俄罗斯

view from the jet

All words & images remain the copyright of Shantih Shala Holistic Arts

一切文字于图片属于 Shantih Shala Holistic Arts 版权所有


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