Storm In Phuket 普吉岛的暴雨

jUsT As iT iS uNLikeLY

fOr ThE sUn

tO ConStAnTLy ShiNe

tHeRe aRe aLso MaNy hiGHs aNd LoWs

iN tHe fLow Of LiFE


JuSt As wE WeLcOMe

The SuNsHinE

We LeArN tO

wELcomE tHe RAiN


NeStLe YoUr ThOuGhtS

iN tHE wiND

eNjOy The sOLaCe WitHiN

The raiNcLouDS

Be mEsMeriZeD iN thE mAgNifiCiEnt BeAutY

oF tHe StOrM


dRukEn yOur SEnSes

 wiTh tHe iNtoXicAtinG fLaVouRs fRom thE rAin, The SuRroUnDiNgS

aNd yOuR bEiNg


HeAr tHe hOwL oF thE wiND

aNd RoAr Of tHe wAVeS


fEEL tHe rAiNdrOpS AgaiNSt yOuR fLeSh


sMeLL tHe ScEnt Of NatURe oN YoUr sKiN


tAstE aNd SaVouR eVErY sEnSatiON iN yOuR tHrOAt


LiSteN tO The AwaKeNinG oF SoMetHinG stiLL aNd BeAutiFuL WitHiN yOu


LeT thE RaiN wAsH aWAy aNY fEar, DoUbt, oR sOrroW tRapPeD deEp iNsiDe You

Let ThE sHoweR

rEfreSH Your SeNses

pUrgE yOuR SoUL aNd rEneW yoUr sPiRit

As You SurRenDer

tO tHiS dEep cLeAnSiNg   


mErGe yOUr tEaRs

wiTh tHe RaiN


aLLoW yOurSeLf FuLL pErmiSsiON tO LaUGh, cRy, WaiL, SinG oR dANce

wHoLe-hEarTedLy ALonG tO tHe StOrM

iF yOu CaN’t fuLLy eXprEsS yOUrSeLf iN tHe SoLaCE oF thE sToRM

wHeN CaN yoU Let gO?


MotHEr NatUrE neVEr jUdGe Or diScRiMinAtE

sHe ALwAyS weLcOMe AnD aCcEPt uS As wE aRe


thE qUeStiON iS: dO we aLLoW oUrSeLvEs tO be WHo wE TruLy aRe?

Apr 18th, 2011 Phuket, Thailand

all words and images remain the copyright of Shantih Shala

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