Wisdom From The Waves 海浪的智慧

LiFe iS LiKe WaVeS iN tHe OceAN –

tHeY riSE aNd FaLL,

iT kEEpS oN fLoWinG.

DoN’t FiGhT iT,

RidE iT


ThE eBb aNd fLOw oF

tHe TiDeS rEseMbLe

tHe RhYthM of LiFe

oNe CAn oNLy gO witH thE

fLoW aS iT iS

ReSpeCt ThE seA

rEsPecT mOthEr NaTuRE

It must be the strong gravitational pull from the full moon due tomorrow – the waves in the sea are especially fierce today. It is a spectacular show to watch the sea’s constant dance with the waves, water and the sand. As if the sea is heaving deep, huge breaths, each inhalation is a build up of the next crest of wave, then splashes its powerful bursts of towering waves with each exhalation. The roar from the waves and water drowns out the sound of the wind, and all other sounds surrounding it. Like a ferocious creature the sea seems to be stretching open the maximum length of its jaw to devour everything in its way, biting down mercilessly with its violent waves, assisted by splashes that feels like a strong lashing against tender flesh. Its energy is powerful, vicious, and perhaps even arrogant. Yet, you find yourself compelled to bow to its magnificence as it dominates your full attention and stirs your soul.

The rich palette of torquoise, bright blue and dark blue colours from the sea never fails to mesmerize me. The beauty of the sea is still very much prevalent as before today. Alas, somehow there seems to be a hint of slight sinister tone to it on this day. Perhaps it is due to my overactive imagination; perhaps I am polluted by the horrifying aftermath of Tsunami attacks, yet I can’t help but feel the energy of the sea is especially fierce today. Just yesterday it was as welcoming as it always had been – the waves were active yet gentle, the water and sand kind and inviting. Today, however, the intense velocity of the waves transforms the water and sand into a menacing force, resulting in a somewhat hostile and fearful atmosphere in the sea.

If the sea could speak, I wonder what will it say? Perhaps it is venting out some anger and frustration? Perhaps it is in a foul mood and merely expressing its dissatisfaction?

It never fails to humble me what a powerful, infinite force Mother Nature is. At once loving, kind and giving, she can also instantly morph into a cruel, menacing force, capable of mass destruction. As she possess the power to create, so does she destroy.

The recent tragedies and natural disasters are a solemn warning that the Earth and Mother Nature are suffering at the cost of human ignorance. It is crucial we all pay attention to what we are doing and how we are destroying the Earth, therefore harming ourselves in the process. Pollution, contamination, deforestation, poaching, unethical trading, farming and all other human errors must be stopped and controlled. I pray and hope that we can all do our part to help save our home, our planet and all its inhabitants. Every little bit does count, and it will make a difference. From bringing awareness to making better decisions, taking responsibility and spreading the word, a little goes a long way indeed. I urge you to start practicing Loving-kindness to Mother Nature, and respect the laws of Nature today, if you haven’t already. For those of you who haven’t, it is never too late to start, and you will be grateful that you did.

Mother Earth has served and provided for us for millennia, and she continues to do so. Isn’t it about time we give her something back too?

Apr 17th, 2011 Phuket, Thailand

all words and images remain the copyright of Shantih Shala


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