Spiritual + Working Days in Phuket 在普吉岛上的灵性日子

Nathai Beach, Phuket, Thailand

hallway near the gym

view from the lobby

a kneeling monk by the pool
a graceful monk by the pool

floating leaves

altar at yoga shala

Shavasana time

Yoga at Beyond Yoga Shala 普吉岛上的瑜伽课
Partner Yoga@Beyond Yoga Shala
this feels SO good! 感觉太舒服了!
                             Sunset Yoga@Phuket beach, Thailand 夕阳的瑜伽课普吉岛
Savasana on a Phuket beach
Guruji Tom cat teaching meditation 汤猫老师教冥想课
Savasana with Guruji Tom 汤猫老师教瑜伽睡眠
meditating with the sea – such bliss 向着大海冥想是多么舒服

Big Buddha at lobby

Thai statue

Buddha on Buddha's head

Thai Spirit House at night

golden buddha at the healing room

Energy Healing session

Tom the cat annoyed from his nap

Lotus on the premises

Raja the kitten in my room

shiny lizard hanging out at the garden

all words and images remain the copyright of Shantih Shala


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