Sunset in Phuket 普吉岛的黄昏

bEhOLd aS yOu WitNesS

ThE gReAtEsT ShOw oN eArtH

LeT tHe gLoRiOuS OraNge baLL oF pUre LigHT aNd EneRGy CapTiVatE yOuR sEnSes

eVeRY CeLL wiThiN yoU

mEsMeriZeD by itS bEaUtY

eNtHraLLed bY iTs PreSeNcE

hOw I wiSH to cAptuRe

tHis MomEnt Of

EnChaNtinG mAgiC,

thE sAcrEdneSS oF it aLL

pReSerVEd iNto A bOttLe

tHat I CaN inHaLe aNd iNduLge iN tHis ExPeriEnCe

aGaiN And agAiN!


I kNoW tHiS tOo sHaLL pAss

aLL bEaUty DoEsn’t LaSt

YeT it ReMainS tiMeLesS

tHeRefOrE etErNaLLy beAUtiFuL


all words and images remain the copyright of Shantih Shala


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