From ‘Mindset’ to ‘Mindfree’ to ‘No Mind’

The nature of the human mind is restless, complicated, conniving and corrupted by endless concepts. It is designed for conflict, stress and pain as much it is for intelligence, wisdom, intuition and creativity.

Look at the word we invented: ‘Mindset’. The mind is set, meaning it is fixed on an idea, concept or thought that is stuck in the psyche. We convince ourselves of what is right or wrong, set standards of good and bad, confining all into categories that suits our taste and fancy.

When in fact, such a huge disservice we are giving ourselves instead! Stubborn concepts and ideals not only tire us out mentally and emotionally, it also traps us in the same corner we continue to reside in. Furthermore, gripping tightly to concepts and ideals requires much forceful energy and aggression to sustain its existence; which explains why the common phenomenon of feeling “the head being so full it is about to burst” is so popular nowadays! Hence there is no opportunity or space for growth as we continue to perish in the same stagnant environment. What we do to ourselves indeed.

Instead of having a Mindset, why not adopt a ‘Mindfree’ approach? It is too often that the mind is probably set on something too idealistic, which is why disappointment follows swiftly. However, when we can set the mind free, whereby the mind is free to be, feel and think anything it naturally inclines to, an immense rush of freedom intoxicates the mind and liberates our entire being. The mind is free of all concepts, ideals, attachments, expectations, judgments and results, free of all matter. Just, free. Imagine what an enormous relief it is!

As a progression to this, why not then try to practice “No Mind”? No mind means no thinking, no thoughts, just empty like a plain canvas. Only when the mind is empty can we be truly still and listen to the silence within us. Only when we are truly silent can we hear the voice of our genuine Self. Often our real Self is either denied having a voice, its existence completely ignored, or just simply drowned in the racket of inner chattering. When was the last time we paid attention to what our hearts are saying? And if we did listen, did we still judge its words and emotions or expected some specific result(s)?

“No Mind” is the ultimate practice of Meditation. It is liberation, bliss and something sacred that can only heal and balance us. Although not an easy practice, the journey itself is greatly transformative and rewarding.

If you would like to de-stress yourself, have more peace and joy in your life, or looking for a positive change, please start your practice now. Together let us move from getting stuck on a ‘Mindset’ to being ‘Mindfree’ to having ‘No Mind’.

all words and images remain the copyright of Shantih Shala


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