Animals ~ our best teachers 动物是我们最好的导师

Animals are our best teachers. They are always ever present, living in the moment, never worry about the future or caught in past. They are always real and authentic, always staying true to themselves. They never wear masks, never lie, and they express exactly how they feel without any other agenda or concern. They eat when they are hungry, sleep when tired, play with you when they want company, leave when they had enough. They certainly don’t pretend to like you, or worry they may upset you if they hurt you. So what is so different between them and us humans?

Of course, they also don’t need to worry about being late, paying bills or hurting other’s feelings and so on, but we can learn much from their genuine authenticity way of life. Naturally we would not be able to get away by living our life as a (carefree) animal! However, it is a highly valuable practice to live our lives as genuine as much as possible, and staying true to our feelings whenever we can.

Have you asked yourself lately: am I living my life authentically? Or am I denying myself of simple needs and pleasures? Do you allow yourself to enjoy some rest, instead of forcing yourself to continue working even though the body is exhausted and every cell is resisting against what you are doing?

Another valuable lesson animals can teach us is to remind us to be humble, open and accepting. If different species of animals can live together harmoniously, how come such highly evolved species like us Homo Sapiens can’t even do this? In the animal kingdom, different species living together could mean fierce predators living with gentle creatures in the waters, or winged creatures with climbing herbivores that may seriously wreak havoc amongst the trees, therefore their homes possibly destroyed.

If animals can fully forgive and accept completely different creatures in their environment, why can’t we humans accept other humans? Compared to animals, we are still dealing with the same species as Human Beings – we are all of the same creatures that look the same, built in the same way, have the same emotions, hopes and dreams. Ultimately we are borne from the first human in the history of mankind, and we are, at the end of the day, all part of a huge, extended family.  The mere difference is in our external characteristics  – different skin tone, height, size and built, facial features, behavioral patterns, natural tendencies, religious and belief systems and so on. Beyond these superficial layers, inside every one of us beats the same heart, feel the same emotions, function and experience everything equally as much as the next individual. We have exactly the same cells, genetic and biological make-up as the next the average person. Where is the real difference, truly?

If we can take a humble lesson from the wise teachers – the animals, we would be so much kinder and allowing to others so much more. There would be no judgment, comparison, jealousy, hatred, fear, suspicion, criticism. There would only be pure acceptance, peace, loving-kindness, forgiveness, acceptance, joy, compassion, harmony, comradeship. The question is, are you ready and willing to let go of your ego and old belief systems?

Xiao Mi practicing Yoga Nidra 小咪练习瑜伽睡眠的过程
Xiao Mi practicing Marichyasana A 小咪和我一起练习瑜伽
Yin Yoga with Xiao Mi 和小咪一起练阴瑜伽

Savasana with Guruji Tom 汤猫老师教瑜伽睡眠
Guruji Tom cat teaching meditation 汤猫老师教冥想课
“Don’t blame me because I’m gorgeous!!”

Latte in Cat Pose 拿铁在练习猫式

Latte in Namaste 拿铁在致敬

Billy resting after a strong sadhana (practice) 彼力练习完毕很累

Billy in Rabbit Pose 彼力在练习兔子式

Hugs are always welcome in winter time! 冬天更加需要拥抱!

winter isn't so cold when you have a friend 有朋友的关怀就不会那么冷

all words and images remain the copyright of Shantih Shala

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