Artistic + Spiritual Days in Vienna, Austria 维也纳(奥地利):艺术和灵性的日子

beautiful sunset view at Stephansdom area - the heart of Vienna

Vienna on a rainy day 雨天一幕

view from my hotel room – like a scene from the movie ‘Inception’! 很像‘盗梦空间’的画面!

St. Stephan’s Cathedral – Vienna’s landmark. built 12-14th century, 107 metres in length, 34 meteres wide, 136.4 metres high 这是维也纳的特征建筑

Horses and humans 人和马在一起
gorgeous horse carriage

Moulin Rouge; ’Mozart‘ patronizing tourists 街上很多‘著名音乐家’在招生意

traffic + the small GPRS device inside taxis

Messe Wien – the venue of the Vienna Art Fair 维也纳艺术展地点

Art Fair poster 艺术展海报

the art team representing MGM Gallery from Moscow, Russia! 代表俄罗斯莫斯科MGM画廊的艺术团队

Kundalini shaking (Moving Meditation)!! 昆达尼力动感冥想
Marina’a Russian Headstand at the Art Fair, Vienna, Austria 维也那, 奥地利的头倒立
                                                                    Handstand Russian style in Vienna
even the technician is doing the Russian style Handstand! 连工作人员也要玩!

new line of chairs for Yogis! 瑜伽界的新款椅子!

Yoga Nidra anytime, anywhere 瑜伽睡眠随时随地可以练习

backbend gone wrong!! 练习瑜伽时如不好好照顾就变成这样!

artworks at the Art Fair 艺术品

sculpture at Art Fair

Art & The City 艺术城市

Namaste in Belvedere Museum

the majestic compound at Belvedere Musuem. Belvedere博物馆的华丽花园
inside Belvedere Musuem. Belvedere艺术博物馆里面

with Gustav Klimt's 'Philosophy' masterpiece

Egon Schiele and my Yoga Mudras are not so different 艺术家和瑜伽得印并没有太大得区别

my favourite artist Egon Schiele's works. It was a dream come true to see the original works in person - breathtaking!! 我最喜欢的艺术家作品. 能够见到他的原作是另个美梦成真!

girl at art gallery 在画廊里休息的女孩

window art at an art gallery

at the Musuem Quarter where the Leopold Musuem, Momuk Modern Musuem (Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien) are located 博物馆艺术区

Hundertwasser Musuem (Kunst haus Wien) - although it was the artist Hundertwasser's musuem, I was there mainly to see the exhibition of HR Giger - creator of 'Aliens'. Another genius! 在这个艺术博物馆里看了‘异性’创始人HR Giger的佳作

Namaste@another cool building

Yoga class@the hotel

Viennese desserts are amazing! had the best yogurt too! 维也纳的甜点太好吃了,也吃过最好的酸奶!

at the airport 机场一景

view from plane 飞机上的一幕

All words & images remain the copyright of Shantih Shala Holistic Arts

一切文字于图片属于 Shantih Shala Holistic Arts 版权所有


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