A Voice To Every Face 每张脸孔的声音

this is a natural look – no make-up or special effects involved 这是最自然的脸孔-没有化妆或利用其他的特别效果

Every face has a story to tell. Every face has its emotions, thoughts, memories, desires and fears to express. There is a voice that goes with the face too. A voice or sound to express its thoughts and actions that is very much part of its existence. How would you imagine the sound to this face be like?

This is the face of a Psychedelic Frogfish (Antennaridae), an exotic fish from Indonesia. Before we begin to judge and project our concepts onto this innocent creature, this face – remember that it is not so different from you and me. Don’t forget that just like us, it thinks, emotes, respond, have desires and fears too. This face is another divine creature that has every right to live in this abundant universe. It deserves the same respect we have for saints or noble people no less, as we are all pure, divine creatures from the same source ultimately.

Can you now imagine the voice of this face again? Has your answer now changed dramatically from your first response? Please share your thoughts with me either via the comments on this page or email me: shantihshala@gmail.com   Many thanks in advance for your participation!


这张脸孔属于一种来自于印度尼西亚很特殊的热带鱼,叫Psychedelic Frogfish (字面翻译:迷幻性青蛙鱼—)。在我们还未开始把各种评判和想法投射到这张无辜的生物/脸孔之前,记得它跟我和你其实没有什么区别。别忘记,它也和我们一样有思想、情绪、反应,它也有欲望和恐惧。这张脸孔也是伟大宇宙的孩子之一,同样有权利过美好的生活。它值得我们如同对圣人和高尚人物般的尊重,因为我们最终都是宇宙创造的神圣孩子。

你现在可以在想象这张脸孔的声音吗?你的答案是否和最初的反应/答案区别很大?欢迎你与我分享你的想法:你可以直接在此页面的“comments“留言,或发邮件给我:shantihshala@gmail.com  先提前谢谢你的分享!

About this face/fish:-

This undated image provided by seaphotos.com shows the face of a Histiophryne Psychedelica, a highly atypical a Psychedelic Frogfish (Antennaridae) first described in 2009 from a handful of specimens photographed in Ambon, Indonesia in 2008. It has a vestigial, non-functional lure (illicium/esca) and probably traps its prey inside coral holes and crevices or within coral rubble. The unusual pattern is thought to mimic the appearance of several kinds of hermatypic coral, and while varying slightly from individual to individual, appears to remain unchanged throughout the life of each individual. (AP Photo/David Hall Seaphotos).  Source: Yahoo

all words & images remain the copyright of Shantih Shala Holistic Arts

切文字于图片属于 Shantih Shala Holistic Arts 版权所有


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