Majestic mountains in Hakuba, Japan (Sept 2011)


It’s not just a mere feeling of restlessness

Therein lies a hint of fear, perhaps some doubt as well

And more than anything else, worries

There are always things waiting to be done

Plans to be made

Time and dates to be organized

The responsible adult in me strives to do everything in the best way

The perfectionist in me demands no other than perfect results

My common sense reassures me all will be fine as always

Experience reminds me that clarity, diligence and persistence always brings me to my destination

My Higher Self supports my genuine intentions and wishes to assist all my projects

I know I am able to manifest all that I desire effortlessly

With immense support and blessings from the Universe and all my guides

Yet sometimes the hardest thing is to even get started

Where does this resistance originate?

Why can’t I just let everything flow through me effortlessly?

How come there is this uneasy feeling of doubt?

The stress consequently creates more tension and unnecessary pressure

Is it possible this could merely be a case of plain laziness

Despite my hardworking and ambitious nature?

Or perhaps it is a simple case of burnout that stagnated my being?

The wisdom of Truth and Surrendering sits at the back of my head

Yet I am slightly skeptical and afraid to completely surrender to this vulnerable part of me

Am I not going against what I always preach about staying true to oneself,

To accept all that is at every given moment?

Regardless of how I am, or become,

Why is it so challenging to just be?

Where is the trust and unshakable faith that grounds me so?

Where is it when I need it most?

Again I am reminded of the true power of surrender:

To be in control is much easier than letting go

Letting go of control takes courage, faith and openness

Alas, I know that however I choose to approach the situation

Whether I accept myself or otherwise

This moment will not last forever

I know when the time is right

When I am ready

I shall move forward fearlessly, steadily, joyfully

My passion is the driving force

My intentions the inspiration

My diligence and persistence the success formula

In the meantime, I wait patiently as this resistance continues to reside in me

Being as present as possible, I sit with it like an old friend sharing her thoughts

I listen compassionately, not judging or reacting at all

For I know there must be a reason why it is here with me

Perhaps there is a lesson or message that I am to know of

It has every right to be here to express itself and its feelings

Merely because it is indeed a part of me

To deny its existence would be to deny myself

Hence I allow myself to be this way

Rather than forcing myself to be positive at all times

I am accepting these genuine feelings and whatever that may come,

Knowing for sure that it is entirely natural and Human to be like so

And so, Old Friend ~

How are you feeling now?

Please take your time and express all that you wish

Please know you are safe with me as I am part of you

Remember that we are one at all times

There is no separation between us

Together let us see where this takes us to our next step……

all words & images remain the copyright of Shantih Shala Holistic Arts

切文字于图片属于 Shantih Shala Holistic Arts 版权所有


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