11.11.11 Mantra Chanting & Healing Circle 疗愈曼陀罗唱诵+能量治疗圈

Om on a Phuket beach 普吉岛的Om

11.11.11 周五 Fri 晚上19:00~21:00
Mantra Chanting & Healing Circle 疗愈曼陀罗唱诵+能量治疗圈  (Yama & Jo)

The number 1 represent new beginnings, new energies, fresh start and unlimited potential. Come join us on this special day as we combine our energies to chant, meditation and heal together as one powerful, joyful entity. Yama will guide us through some Kriyas and then  lead us through the healing mantra ‘Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hum’ for 31 minutes, backed by other talented musicians. Afterwards everyone will have an opportunity to experience Energy Healing given by Jo in the Healing Circle. No experience needed, all are welcome. Just bring an open heart and enjoy yourself!

NOTE: Please bring your own Yoga mat and small towel. All classes include refreshments and a simple meal.

Spaces are limited so please book early: 13701839401,18721206452

我们将有吉他和鼓手伴奏,由Yama带领唱诵Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hum 31分钟。然后由JO来引导疗愈冥想和能量圈,最后她会给每个人一个个别的能量传递。请注意这个日子的特殊性,2011年11月11日,充满了数字1的能量。


*** Shri Radhe Yoga Shala 圣茹阿达瑜伽学校 ***

Room 106, No.14, Lane 65, Wan Ping Nan Road, near Zhao Jia Bang Lu. Door code: *1235#
Near Metro Line 7 or 9, Zhao Jia Bang Lu stop, Green City Hotel exit, turn left and walk past banks, cafe, restaurants until you see a residential area with a gate, there will be a bike repair shop on your R, a restaurant on your L. Go into the compound and walk straight, second turn into the R when you see ’65弄’ on the wall, then L, last block is block 14. You will see an ‘Om’ sign on the door on the R in the corridor.




Private sessions (Yoga Therapy and Energy Healing sessions) are also available upon request.


Reservations, directions, more info: please contact 187 2120 6452 or 3414 1235

For bookings & more info, please contact:-

Jo: 187 2120 6452 shantihshala@gmail.com, josephineongyokenunn@yahoo.com


Yama: 137 0183 9401  yamaart@gmail.com



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