My Son, Don’t Be Afraid 我的儿子,不要害怕

Coco feeding her four little darlings

He continued to lie there, still and calm; completely relaxed. Quite possibly his astral body was drifting into other realms, enjoying various adventures and travels in other worlds. The mood was soft and quiet. It was another relaxing healing session for the both of us.

I gently shifted my left hand to rest under his left shoulder, and my right gently holding his left wrist from below. Almost immediately, I felt a surge of warm, dynamic energy shaking from the base of my spine. This energy tingled and moved upwards into my waist, torso and head as it continued to flow along my entire spinal column. I happily surrendered myself to this hypnotic, enigmatic and powerful energy as it swayed my body to dance to its rhythm. There is a deep sense of trust and assurance from this energy. I know that once again I am (re)connected to a higher force that is beyond our earthly understanding, beyond our physical eyes can see. I come home to this Universal Life Force Energy (also known as Prana in Sanskrit, Ki in Japanese, Chi in Chinese).

Simultaneously, I felt such potent emotions towards the receiver. There was an overwhelming sense of deep, unconditional Love, compassion and care. My heart poured with extreme love, desiring to quench his thirst for love, attention and care. These were emotions of a mother loving her son. Instinctively, I knew that I was his Mother. I felt so deeply connected to him and felt compelled to take good, loving care of him.

As I continue to channel this motherly loving energy, messages appeared in my mind and heart. “My son, don’t be afraid. Please don’t run away anymore. Everything will be alright.” These messages may have been communicated through a voice, and yet the voice wasn’t audible like a normal voice. More accurately, these spoken messages were felt rather than heard. The overall tone of the messages were firm yet kind, authoritative yet loving. Everything just made perfect sense and felt so natural.

I understood these important words were channeled to me as a messenger, and that I must convey them to the receiver. This was my mission for today, the purpose of this Healing Session. It almost became a Mantra (repeated sayings or phrases) as I repeated these words over and over again until the emotions gradually became subtler and subtler. Eventually, the urgency of these messages softened and melted seamlessly into the background, its presence deeply anchored in the atmosphere of the room.

This motherly loving energy continued to be channeled via my physical body throughout the rest of the session. I continue to feel and enjoy the healing, loving and nurturing presence of this energy as I worked on other parts of the receiver’s body.

The session came to an end. Again, I thanked the Universe, all the beings and energies that assisted and helped me in the background to do my work. I gently brought him back to consciousness after a restful, uninterrupted slumber. Energized, he awoke with his eyes shinning and a much softer expression on this face prior to the session. “Very good!” he beamed happily. “I switched off.” He added while gesturing to his head, tapping on his temples cheekily.

Satisfied and feeling humbled that I had the honour of helping him reconnect and recharge himself, I thanked him for his faith in me again. He thanked me gratefully in return. Then I told him of my experience and received messages.

Perhaps in other lifetimes, he was indeed my son, and I was his mother. We are very fortunate that the bond between us from other lives has helped us found each other in this lifetime. These important messages of pure love and care were channeled to me during his time of need. Our Higher Selves knows no bounds when pure Love is in action. A mother’s unconditional, infinite love for her children exceeds all time and space. To ensure her son received these messages, and that he understood he is deeply loved and protected by her love always, this mother’s soul journeyed across lifetimes and dimensions to have her messages (to her son) be heard and delivered.

There are no bounds to the love of a mother, and a father. Love is the most potent, powerful and transformative emotion that heals all. If for some reason we are unable to feel/appreciate and enjoy the love from our mother, father and other people, we can still harness the powerful healing of Love by loving ourselves. Love yourself. Give and receive Love to yourself as how you would want to be loved. Everyone can learn to love and thus heal themselves.

Practice loving oneself takes practice. Have you begun your practice yet?

(inspired by a healing session in London, Oct 2011)





all words & images remain the copyright of Shantih Shala Holistic Arts

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