A Beautiful Healing Session 一场漂亮的能量治疗个案

healing for Coco's kittens

The beautiful piano piece was playing softly in the background, audible enough just to be heard. It was one of my favourite Classic masterpieces, Gymnopedie by Satie. This melancholic, (sometimes) hauntingly beautiful melody always manage to transport me to another world in the softest, gentlest of ways.

He was still lying on the reclining day bed; comfortably supported by cushions and blankets, as if engulfed in a warm, loving embrace. It was quiet and still, the mood serene. Bliss was in the air.

My rational mind knew I was there in full flesh and blood, and that I was very much present in my body within that space, breathing and living at that very moment. Yet the timelessness of the moment overwhelmed my entire being. I surrendered my rationale to all that I was feeling as I abandoned myself to this pure calm. Allowing myself to be cocooned into this bubble of bliss, I imagined breathing this deep peace into my every cell, savouring every moment, every little detail in the process.

Gently intoxicating, yet tremendously purifying; seemingly subtle, yet undoubtedly powerful; so humbly simple, yet deeply transformative. Such is the immense power of healing intentions.

Perhaps indeed, the molecular structure in the atmosphere has been re-arranged. Perhaps my Spirit Guides, as well as the receiver’s Guides have indeed been very busy in the background in this creation of peace. I imagine they did some intensive cleaning, dusting and clearing of old, stagnant, negative energies from our collective consciousness, and covered this mammoth invisible blanket of bliss, healing and love over us. It’s no wonder we feel so loved and protected, contended and grounded. It is the warmest feeling of coming home, of being caressed by a loved one, of being blissfully joyful. More importantly, it reminded us of how important it was to be ourselves, without any judgment, criticisms, changes, control, fear and doubt. We are perfect in all our imperfections.

Under my guidance, the receiver gently took a few deep breaths and came back to his body. He blinked his eyes sleepily, gave a few lazy stretches and slowly opened his eyes. Looking still dreamy from the deep rest, his eyes nevertheless shone with a soft, energized glow, alive with pure energy. These are the aftereffects of a deep internal cleansing, balancing the physical, mental, emotional and soul aspects of one’s being.

We sat there in silence, fully immersed in this blissful bubble of tenderness. The atmosphere was soft and mellow, deeply peaceful and grounding. Even though not much (words) was exchanged between us, a deep bond has occurred. So much has been exchanged and shared in silence. The healing took place merely through our intentions to heal each other, and just being here with genuine sincerity.

When the receiver was finally ready to speak, he said he felt he was giving as much as receiving the healing energy. There were also visions of various colours and animals that he saw during the session, quite possibly his animal guides trying to communicate with him. There are a million possibilities indeed, and the unlimited potential of healing and transformation even more so. I thanked him gratefully for his healing presence and sharing these tender moments with me.

How beautiful it is to be able to share such deep healing and bonding with another soul indeed. What a precious gift it is to have the ability to enjoy this journey of healing with someone who open their heart to you. I am humbled, grateful and in awe once again by the miracles of my Energy Healing experience.

I thank all the souls I have been granted the pleasure to work with over the years, for their trust and faith in me. More importantly, I thank them for the opportunity to share my passion and experience as we heal each other. May our self-healing journeys continue, and that our paths cross again in the near future.

all words & images remain the copyright of Shantih Shala Holistic Arts

切文字于图片属于 Shantih Shala Holistic Arts 版权所有

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