Healing & Being Healed By A Little Girl

portrait of this little girl that I drew


I heard the little girl’s voice along the corridor, coming from her room. She was talking to herself, quite loudly, seemingly playing a game all alone. Yet it was getting late, already way past her bedtime. The door was slightly opened, as always so that her parents could check on her.

Curious, I went into her room and asked her what was she doing. “I’m just playing…” she said plainly while still holding a soft toy. “Why aren’t you sleeping yet honey? It’s getting late.” “Because I can’t sleep!” A slight retort from her, before continuing, “I always sleep when mommy or daddy is holding me. Now I can’t sleep because none of them are here!” Sad, disappointed tears begin to fall on that angelic face, tearing my heart.

I hurried over to console her, patting her head gently. “So why are they not here then honey?” “”Because the lady just now said that they are not allowed to do that anymore.” She sobbed. “Well, I am sure the lady is very clever and she knows the right thing to do. You are a big girl now and you have to be strong, yes? Mommy and daddy cannot always hold you in bed until you fall asleep. But you know what? I am sure mommy and daddy would want SO much to hold you right now.” Her sobbing softened as I smoothed her tiny back.

“…But I don’t want to be alone!” she said bitterly. I sighed. “Do you want me to hold you, hmm?” “Yes.” So I slide myself into the bed and hugged her small body from behind. It felt very warm and cozy. By now she stopped crying, and I could feel her contentment.

“Thank you Jo.” She said amidst almost hiding her face in the sheets. “You are so very welcome my dear”. What a sweet child. “Now I want you to close your eyes and imagine mommy is holding you. She is hugging you so warmly, so nice. Can you feel that?” “Mmm hmm…” she agreed softly, happily. “Wonderful. Now she must go to bed. Now it’s daddy’s turn. He is hugging you so tightly, so nicely as well. Do you feel his hug?” “Mmm hmm…” she agreed softly, happily again. I can hear her smiling.

“Now he must go to bed too because it’s late. But remember, mommy and daddy are always hugging, no matter what. They are hugging you from here (I tapped her heart gently), always. Let’s go to sleep now, ok?” “Mmm…” she agreed sleepily. I kissed her head gently and I shut my tired eyes. Eventually her breath grew slightly deeper, and I was relieved that she is finally in dreamland.

Although I was the one holding her from behind while she held onto her sheets and soft toy, nevertheless I felt very much her embrace. Feeling her small, warm body against mine, I felt safe and loved too. I would like to imagine she felt the same from me. The warmth of our embrace against the stillness of the night ended time and space. The timelessness of this somehow merged the past, present and future together all at once. I thought I was helping her to go to sleep, and yet here she is, loving and healing me by just being herself. In my silent heart I was grateful and humble as I thanked her for her love and for healing me. How fortunate am I to receive her love indeed. It is so beautiful.

Real time did pass, alas. Unbeknown how long afterwards, her daddy came into the room. Amidst the dim lighting and my sleepy eyes I could vaguely see his look of surprise and astonishment. He must have thought, why is Jo sleeping in his daughter’s bed with his daughter? I got up and smiled at him as he checked on his precious little princess. “Thank you Jo”, she murmured sleepily, surprising me once again for her politeness and gratitude. “You are so very welcome my dear. Thank you too. Good night”. I kissed her cheek and went back to my room.

all words & images remain the copyright of Shantih Shala Holistic Arts

切文字于图片属于 Shantih Shala Holistic Arts 版权所有


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