The Heart & Heart Space 心和心胸

if our heart space can remain just 10% open and be as vast as the majestic mountains we would be so much more grounded and peaceful 如果我们的心胸可以好像宏大高山那样的广阔和包容,哪怕只能做到10%,我们会是多么的稳重和平静

The Heart & Heart Space 心和心胸

Ever notice how enigmatic the heart space is?

The heart space is the centre of the chest where one’s heart lives

Although the heart lives there, sometimes it seems to vanish without a trace

At times the heart may live there still, yet there is no sign of life whatsoever

The magnificence of the heart is evident —

It always strive to maintain life regardless of any situation

Strange and perhaps even alarming as it sounds

Sometimes although the heart beats and the body lives

Yet there is no soul that lives within the heart and heartbeats

The soul is lost, nowhere to be found

The heartbeats drum away with mechanical dullness

Merely fulfilling its duties by default

Alas the poor soul struggles to find its way back home

One can only hope and pray the soul meets the heart once again

And therein the soul shall remain to enliven the heartbeats with true aliveness

Only when heart and soul unite can one be considered living as a whole being

A heart without a soul would be like the Earth without the Sky

Like songs without a melody

Or laughter without joy

It would be such a devastating tragedy indeed

When the heart space is open and full,

Abundant, unlimited love outpours by itself relentlessly

All encompassing vibrant healing light shines like a great sun from the heart

Beaming onto everything with pure love, compassion and clarity

Any negativity is dissolved and transformed into empowering light

An overwhelming sense of humbling joy, peace, hope and contentment floods the heart space

This vastness within the heart knows no depths, borders or dimensions

Hence there is no separation

When the heart space is closed and empty,

The vast space shrinks into a tiny hole in a pitiful corner

Reduced to being just a hallow vacuum that is numb and cold

Darkness cloak the entire being like a misleading veil

Suffocating doubts and heavy energies chill its hostile walls

Yielding towards stagnating, blocking and rejecting any exchange of energies

Consumed by ignorance and denial, positivity and light are fearfully denied

Feelings of alienation, condemnation and depression imprison the soul

Do take good care of your heart and the space it resides in

Give it all the love, time, energy and attention it deserves

Nourish it only with sweetness, kindness, goodness and purity

Strictly let no negativity, hatred, fear, doubt or guilt to enter

As you nurture your heart and allow love in

Your heart will bloom like a pure lotus flower

Your heart space expands into infinity as vast as the universe

You will rise above everything with fresh awareness

All will fall into place seamlessly

Life begins to flow effortlessly

We were all blessed with a heart to live

Let us respect, be grateful and kind towards it

Let us keep our heart and heart space a sacred place

all words & images remain the copyright of Shantih Shala Holistic Arts

切文字于图片属于 Shantih Shala Holistic Arts 版权所有

One Response to “The Heart & Heart Space 心和心胸”
  1. Thomas says:

    Hi Jo,
    certainly you distinguish between light and dark, negativity and positivity, energy and death
    Is there an inherent difference in those things described by those terms or are these just attributes from a human/individual perspective?
    Are these distinctions in your point of view/experience real or just a difference of point of view?
    Or – in other terms – in how far is perceived reality equal to objective reality?
    Always a doubtful disciple

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