Comments On The Heart & Heart Space 心和心胸的研讨

Jo’s Feedback from comments on The Heart & Heart Space 心和心胸

Hi Jo,
 certainly you distinguish between light and dark, negativity and positivity, energy and death. 
Is there an inherent (characteristic) difference in those things described by those terms or are these just attributes from a human/individual perspective? Are these distinctions in your point of view/experience real or just a difference of point of view?
 Or – in other terms – in how far is perceived reality equal to objective reality?

Always a doubtful disciple
, Thomas



If I answered all of your questions, will it affect your (original) views? Will my opinions influence or perhaps even halt other thoughts you may have? First and foremost, I hope all that is questioned, answered and shared remains what it is – an open dialogue that is neither right or wrong, good or bad; it is merely a free discussion between different minds with various opinions. With this in mind, we can (continue to) enjoy each other’s creative input to assist each other’s growth and potential.

To answer your questions….

As you have acknowledged, I distinguish between all polarities as it is the world of Dualism we live in. The constant interplay of Yin and Yang energies is what supports the Universe and the beings that live in it. However, remember these facts/truths are also merely personal views at the end of the day. Also bear in mind that these facts were taught to us from young, which is just another form of indoctrination (brain-washing). We do not question nor doubt as they have always been known as ‘facts’, ‘truths’ and ‘the way it is’. We accept them entirely simply because everyone agrees with them, and we don’t want to be ridiculed/dismissed from the majority of people.

The conscious, logical and analytical aspect of me (which can also be referred to as ‘The Ego’ or the ‘Thinking Body’) needs specific information in terms of variation, categorization, comparison, value, judgment, beliefs and so on in order to understand matters and function. Without these concepts and distinctions, my mind would be completely lost; I would have no sense of value and judgment. The mind would be frustrated and just cease to function (possibly going insane even).

On the other hand, the subconscious, emotional, distinctive, spiritual aspect of me (which can also be referred to as ‘The Subconscious Mind’, ‘The Psyche’ or the ‘Feeling Body’) does not need any mental concepts. It is very much a sense-operated being that lives on spontaneity, pure instincts and raw emotions.

If we continue to delve deeper, there is also ‘The Soul Body’ or ‘The Soul’ to consider. It is pure spirit, the essence of who we truly are, an energy layer of being that is beyond this physical world, our physical and mental selves. It is a living, infinite entity that is the closest connection we have with the Universe and all other sentient beings, which includes beings from different dimensions and worlds.

However, to simplify matters, for now we shall just include ‘The Soul Body’ as a part of the ‘Feeling Body’, and to base our discussions with ‘The Thinking Body’ and ‘The Feeling Body’.

It is highly possible that more often than not, the ‘Thinking Body’ will not agree with the ‘Feeling Body’. If these attributes seem real to the ‘Thinking Body’ and not to the ‘Feeling Body’, does it mean that the attribute itself is real or unreal? Living in an ego-driven modern society that we are borne into, it is common to decide that the ‘Thinking Body’ is more superior between the two. Whether the reason being simply just ‘because it makes sense’, or not to be ridiculed by other people (which is the majority), it is a common, natural phenomenon. Yet, does the disagreement between the ‘Thinking Body’ and the ‘Feeling Body’ justify the truth?

Another perspective to consider: one can say that Light is Dark reversed, being two sides of the same coin, and therefore essentially they are actually of the same nature, they are in fact the same. Elaborating on this concept, we can further contemplate that there are no absolutes in this world. To live harmoniously, what can be considered and practiced is that although we acknowledge theses different attributes, we choose the ‘The Middle Way’ between the opposite polarities to remain centered and balanced.

Now imagine I was brought up to believe that everything is reversed, with the Sun being called the Moon instead, Male being Female, Night being Day, and the list goes on. People would then naturally see me as insane, because I don’t make any sense at all. Or to make it more precise – I don’t make sense according to their thinking, their thoughts in their world. The reality is that my thinking makes absolute perfect sense in my world.

My facts are merely reversed, which still make absolute perfect sense; it is just the labeling that has changed, not the attributes itself. In other words, the names/labels have changed, but the meaning remains. One would still be able to understand when communicating with me as long as he/she is able to substitute the usual terms with their reversed terms/meanings.

Surely thinking contrarily and expressing oneself differently that stands out from the majority does not make one right, wrong or insane? It is merely a matter of different opinions, coming from a different way of thinking. Hence instead of calling me insane, it is only fair and more appropriate to describe me as being ‘different’ or ‘weird’, is it not?

Ergo, yes, these attributes are indeed coming from my humble personal perspective as a human being and individual. These distinctions can be real, unreal or both at the same time, depending on one’s personal view and understanding.

For the sake of discussion, most probably ‘The Thinking Body’ would only acknowledge the existence of Objective Reality; ‘The Feeling Body’ would only acknowledge the existence of Perceived Reality.

‘The Soul Body’ being a wise, eternal spirit that knows no bounds in time and space will probably acknowledge the existence of both Objective Reality and Perceived Reality. It would perhaps even say Perceived Reality is Objective Reality. Just like the two sides of the coin, regardless of the nature of the reality, there is only one reality, be it objective or perceived.



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