Moving Meditation Workshop 动感冥想工作坊 19.5.112

Date 日期: 19.5.2012  (Saturday 周六)

Time 时间: 10.30 ~ 13.00

Venue 地点: Shri Radhe Yoga Shala 圣茹阿达瑜伽学校


IMPORTANT  NOTE重要提醒: Please do RSVP and provide your mobile number in case of any changes, thank.



Add 地址: Room 106, No.14, Lane 65, Wan Ping Nan Road, near Zhao Jia Bang Lu.



Directions交通: Near Metro Line 7 or 9, Zhao Jia Bang Lu stop, Green City Hotel exit, turn left and walk past banks, cafe, restaurants until you see a residential area with a gate, there will be a bike repair shop on your R, a restaurant on your L. Go into the compound and walk straight, second turn into the R when you see ’65弄’ on the wall, then L, last block is block 14. Door code” *1235#.  地铁1号线徐家汇站,7/9号线肇嘉浜路站青松城口出。开车的话从肇嘉浜路南侧853弄进入65弄。

Some students share their thoughts 学生的分享+感想:-

“Please tell Josephine thank you for her wonderful workshop, I slept so well that night. I thought the fact that I do Yoga sometimes helped me during the workshop. It was more effective. The thing I learned from the workshop was that if you let your body move as it needs, the body itself will maintain the balance and be more natural. I feel that everyday life won’t allow us to be very natural.
 I was thinking such thing during the WS, even Josephine told us to NOT think….
Thanks again to her and I would love to see her again.”

A student who attended the Moving Meditation Workshop at

Tokyo Mellow Beaute Yoga Studio, Japan

请代我感谢Jo引导的美妙工作坊,我当晚睡得非常香甜。由于我平常练习瑜伽,在工作坊中觉得很有帮助和更有效。我在工作坊中发现要是我们彻底放松并让身体自由地活动,身体自然会更加平衡、舒服和自在。日常生活通常不让我们自由,因此这是一个让自己和身体放松的好方法。虽然Jo一直提醒我们不要去思考,我还是不断的有这些想法。我非常感谢她的教导并希望再见到她。 来自于一位参加动感冥想工作坊的日本东京学生


“Josephine was very nice in her Yoga. Dynamic Meditation class was good for deep emotional release.”

Mrs. Sanjeeta Chatterjee, India


Jo的瑜伽学问资深 。动感冥想课程有效地助于深层的情绪释放,感觉非常好。


We know the mind and body are both sacred tools for enlightenment. To achieve inner peace and joy there must be a strong and balanced connection between the two. Before we can cultivate a still mind, the body must first be freed and released of any stagnant energies.

Hence, I invite you to join me on an exhilarating, liberating journey of Moving Meditations! Together we shall celebrate the healing wonders of breath, sound, meditation and movement as one powerful unit! A deep clearing of mind, body, soul and spirit is further empowered as we assist each other with our intentions. Everyone is warmly welcomed, no experience is necessary at all. Just open your heart plus your mind and abandon yourself to the sheer magic of our group energy!




Spaces are limited so please reserve your space early!


Contact 请联系: Jo 187 2120 6452

飞信: 551674008

Blogs 博客:

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