7.8.12 Reiki Level I Internal Training Course@Ceeport

7.8.12  熙德堂灵气一级培训内部班

Reiki Level I Internal Training Course @ Ceeport

Congratulations to all the new Reiki Healers once again! I’m so grateful and happy I am able to share the sacred gift of Reiki with all of you! There were a total of 9 students who took part in the training, with the eldest being a 50 plus year-old lady, the youngest being an 8 year-old little girl, in between there were 3 teenage boys aged from 16-17 years old, and of course some adults which included some mama’s and papa’s. The learning process never ends, and on that day indeed it rang very true. Your desire to learn is very admirable and humbles me greatly! A huge thank you again to everyone at Ceeport for your support, all the students for your patience and participation! I hope you will continue to practice and share this simple and efficient way of healing wit more people! All the best!

再 次恭喜各位成为灵气能量治疗师!很荣幸能够与大家分享这份神圣、奇妙的灵气能量!当天 一共有9位学生,年级最长的是一位50岁出头的婆婆,年级最幼的是一位可爱的8岁小女孩,之间还有3位16至17岁的小男生,以及几位成人(当然包括了一 些妈妈和爸爸!)。俗语说“活到老学到老”~ 确实当天证明了这一点!大家的好学精神令我感动和欣慰!感谢熙德堂大家的支持,以及各位的热烈参与和学习,能够与你们一起享受这个过程是多么的美好!希望 大家继续练习,与更多人分享这份简单又有效的治疗方式!永远祝福你们!


all words & images remain the copyright of Shantih Shala Holistic Arts

切文字于图片属于 Shantih Shala Holistic Arts 版权所有


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