Memories: 2.9.12 Chakra Meditation + Chanting Circle 脉轮冥想+唱诵圈

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2.9.12 脉轮冥想+唱诵圈

Chakra Meditation + Chanting Circle

We begin by working through the Chakras (energy centres in the body) through various Kriyas (Yogic cleansing practices), Pranayama (Yogic breath work), visualization and meditation. Afterwards we will combine our energies for a powerful, healing process through chanting meditation.

Expect no pre-exquisites, no pretenses and no limitations. Whether you are an experienced meditator or a first-timer, you are warmly welcome to join our open circle. Here is a sacred space that connects humble like-minded souls ready to heal and connect with oneself and others with an open heart. Just bring your presence and enjoy the experience! See you there!




Thank you again to everyone for sharing their presence and a great afternoon! Special thanks again to Asmus for sharing his cozy space plus his experience and knowledge too! 再次感谢大家的临在和能量!也特别谢谢Asmus热心提供场地以及分享他的丰富知识和经验!



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