Shantih Shala Sept + Oct Newsletter 九和十月预告

Shantih Shala Sept + Oct Newsletter





Dear all,

I trust your week is going great and all is good with you! Here’s a brief summary of the exciting events happening soon for Sept, as well as a preview of what’s up in Oct….


8月份的重点是8月11日在芯画廊进行的爱。希望。瑜伽的慈善活动。此活动成功的为河南希望小学筹募了¥16,030!我想在这里再感谢各位所付出的努力~特别是主持人Stephanie,幕后的工作人员,各位支持者;当然我也很荣幸能够与其他有天赋的瑜伽老师包括Indra,Jessica 和 Rob一起合作。你可以点击这里观看当天的精彩景幕:-

The highlight of Aug was the LOVE. HOPE. YOGA charity event on Sat 11.8.12 held at The Gallery. The event raised a total of RMB16,030 with all proceeds going to the Henan Hope School! Bravo again to everyone for their efforts ~ especially Stephanie the event organizer, all the people who volunteered and worked hard behind the scenes, those who supported the cause, and of course I am very grateful to be able to work with all the talented teachers including Indra, Jessica and Rob! You can catch a glimpse of what happened here:-




所有课程对外开放,学费非常划算如下。最超值所处是你可以在课前后享用五星级的设备和服务~蒸房,泡池在豪华休闲区一边享受咖啡、茶和水果一边阅读报纸和各类杂志。所有课费包括瑜伽垫和道具,饮用水和毛巾。预约和详情请联系酒店的健身房62 568 888 分机 1901。

Meanwhile, the Yoga and Tai Chi classes at The Four Seasons Hotel continues to happen. Please see below for the schedule and prices. Classes are taught by various teachers and there may be more new classes added soon so please watch this space!

These classes are open to the public, going at a great value as below.

x1 class 课程 + spa + sauna 蒸房 = ¥150

x1 class 课程  + spa + sauna  蒸房 + swim 游泳 = ¥230

x10 classes 课程 = ¥1350

The best deal about these classes is that you get to relax in the luxurious changing rooms with jacuzzi, steam rooms and lounge area with refreshments (coffee, tea, fruits), magazines and newspapers either before or after class. All Yoga equipment, towels and water are provided at the studio. Bookings are essential so please call 62 568 888 extension 1901 at the Fitness Centre.



10月精彩预告:10月5~7日将会有一项莫干山瑜伽假期!这时离开繁忙的大城市的好机会,在安静、漂亮的自然山区中练习瑜伽,享用健康素美食,与心灵相同的灵魂一起度过美好的周末。资深瑜伽老师和音乐家 Caitlin Reilly 将主持这项活动,教授各种课程,包括唱诵活动。助教 Josephine Ong 也会带领各种课程,并任职翻译师,活动内容绝对丰富!活动费用包含住宿、课费、一天三餐、交通,价格超值。更多资料和详情即将来临,请耐心等候。同时报名开始,人和疑问请与我联系。

Heads up for Oct! There will be another Moganshan Yoga Retreat taking place on Oct 5~7th! Here’s a wonderful opportunity to get away from the busy city life and practice different classes in a beautiful, natural environment, enjoying healthy and delicious home-cooked food and meet other kindred spirits. Experienced Yoga Teacher and musician Caitlin Reilly will lead the retreat, give talks on nutrition, plus lead some fun Bhajans (group chanting and singing sessions), while guest teacher Josephine Ongwill also lead various classes and workshops to add into the rich mix of programme. Package includes accommodation, classes, food and transportation that are at an amazing value. More info to follow soon so stay tuned! Registration begins now and you can contact me for further inquiries.










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