15.9.12 Healing Circle: Going Deeper (Into Yourself) 治疗圈:深沉浸入你自己




15.9.12 治疗圈:深沉浸入你自己

Healing Circle:

Going Deeper (Into Yourself)



Date 日期: 15.9.12 (Saturday 周六)

Time 时间: 14.30 ~ 16.30

Venue 地点: North Star Yoga Shala 南星瑜伽学校

Bookings/info 预约/详情: 187 2120 6452

Class fee 学费: ¥150 (includes afternoon tea & snacks 包含下午茶点)

Reminder 提醒: please keep stomach empty before class 上课前请保持空腹

** SPECIAL NOTE 特别备注: please wear blue tops (t-shirt, scarf) 请穿蓝色衣服或披肩 **


Class will be in both English & Mandarin 课程将以中英对照进行


Directions 交通: North Star Yoga Shala 南星瑜伽学校

Block 6, Shao Xing Lu Lane 96, near Shan Xi Nan Lu. Metro Line 1 Shan Xi Nan Lu stop. Right next to bakery, walk through gate and find Blk 6.Call when you arrive and we will open the gate for you.

绍兴路96弄6号楼近陕西南路 (陕西南路站地铁1号线)。在面包房旁,走进铁门找6号楼。到了请致电


  IMPORTANT  NOTE 重要提醒: Please do RSVP and provide your mobile number

(if I haven’t got it already) in case of any changes, thanks. 请务必提前预约并留下手机号码



Spaces are limited so please reserve your space early!



As with the theme for this Healing Circle:Going Deeper (Into Yourself), we will go deeper into our real self via Vishuddhi, the Throat Chakra. The colour of this chakra is blue, hence we will wear blue to make it even more visually empowering as a group. We will practice purifying Kriyas, Chanting, Meditation and most importantly, have the intention to heal ourselves. As we go deeper and deeper into ourselves, we will connect, heal and empower our inner being. Come join us for a healing, empowering and blissful afternoon!

这次的能量治疗圈的主题为深沉浸入你自己, 由此重点在于锻炼我们的喉轮。喉轮的颜色事蓝色,因此请大家配合都穿蓝色衣服以创造强大、集体的视觉能量。我们将一起练习奎亚、唱诵、冥想,以及最关键 的:拥有清晰的意图接受治疗。我们越是深入链接内心的自己,能量治疗的过程越是深透,同时也越是释放和给力。热烈欢迎你一起来度过一个灵性、平静且喜悦的 下午!

Contact Us 请联系: Jo 187 2120 6452


飞信: 551674008

Blogs 博客: http://shantihshalaholisticarts.com


all words & images remain the copyright of Shantih Shala Holistic Arts

切文字于图片属于 Shantih Shala Holistic Arts 版权所






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