Moganshan Yoga Weekend Retreat 5~7.10.12

Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a curious newbie, a yoga getaway is a great way to refresh and rejuvenate. At The Yoga Haven you can experience yoga, enjoy cleansing food, relax with meditation sessions and unwind within the calming tranquility of Moganshan’s natural environment.


Accommodation is in an elegantly renovated farm house. All meals are included. Yoga mats and yoga props will also be provided. Interactive nutrition sessions will be conducted by experienced teachers. All transportation to Moganshan, and return to Shanghai, classes and food are also included in the cost.


Costs 费用包含:
Singles 个人: ¥2200 (shared Room 合伙住宿)
Couples 伴侣: ¥5000 (Private Room 私人房间)
Limited spaces available so please book early 位置有限因此请尽早报名

Reservations & more info 报名+详情:-
135 8577 1405 (Eng)
Jo 187 2120 6452 (Eng/Chn 英/中) 飞信: 551674008

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Yogasana classes: Some sessions will aim at strengthening and vitalizing the system, others will focus on calming and restoring. Feeling, exploring and understanding our body/mind will be part of any practice.


Introducing 你的导师: Caitlin Reilly

A certified Yoga Teacher ( E-RYT 500), musician and artist. Caitlin has been actively practicing and teaching Yoga for over a decade. The unique combination of Vinyasa Flow and Yin styles of Yoga that she primarily teaches creates a dynamic blend of balance, strength, flexibility and endurance. Caitlin’s modality of Yoga can be used for fitness, relaxation and as part of the therapeutic process of rehabilitation and recovery. Special interests and knowledge that Caitlin freely shares with her yoga pupils include: diet, nutrition, meditation and serving others through the practice of yoga. Caitlin currently lives in Shanghai and teaches at major Yoga studios and at The Four Seasons specializing in Yin  / Flow / restorative and Pre and Post-Natal Yoga. Caitlin also teaches Yoga for children at local and international schools in Shanghai.

拥有超越10年经验以上的澳大利亚人 Caitlin 是个资深的瑜伽导师,音乐家和艺术家。她的课程完美的结合了流瑜伽和阴瑜伽的特点,创造了独特的练习风格~皆是挑战身体的耐力和力量,同时又是锻炼头脑的专注力和精神。Caitlin 的瑜伽练习方式可以当身体的锻炼,也可以放松身体和头脑,更加可以当作是有效的治疗性的工具。Caitlin 通过瑜伽的练习也时常热心于学生分享饮食、食物营养和冥想的丰富知识。Caitlin 现住上海,在不同的瑜伽馆和上海四季酒店教授阴瑜伽、流瑜伽、孕妇瑜伽课程;同时她也在一些国际学校教授儿童瑜伽。

Introducing 你的导师: Josephine Ong

With over 10 years of experience, Josephine is an internationally certified Yoga Teacher by Yoga Alliance and the Sivananda Vedante (Institute) Training Academy in Chennai (India), as well as a certified Yin Yoga Teacher. She is also an internationally certified Reiki Master who conducts regular Reiki training courses. Josephine’s services are highly sought after internationally as a skilled and experienced Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Energy Healer and Counselor. She continues to help people through inner reflection and personal empowerment via Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, Energy Healing, Reiki, Massage, Music, Art, Counseling and Dance. While basing herself in Shanghai, China, Josephine continues to travel globally with her work, dividing her time between teaching at various Yoga studios and health resorts as well as being a Private Yoga Teacher and Alternative Health Advisor to families worldwide.

出生于马来西亚的 Josephine 有11年的瑜伽练习经验,拥有全美及国际性瑜伽培训资质(Yoga Alliance)标准的瑜伽联盟教师认证。以及印度 Sivananda Vedante (Institute) Training Academy of Chennai所颁发的八支瑜伽的国际性文凭。Josephine 还是一个具国际性认证的阴瑜伽教师和灵气治疗导师(Reiki Master)。

如今 Josephine 作为一个资深的瑜伽和冥想教师、能量治疗师和身心健康顾问,她的资质和多种语言的授课技能已受到各方国际人士的高度评价。她不断地分享她的知识,帮助人们回归内心并重新获得他们自身的力量,并通过她在瑜伽、阿育韦达 (Ayurveda)、冥想、能量治疗、灵气(Reiki)、按摩、音乐、艺术、舞蹈和心灵疏导方面的综合影响力感染着其他人。

Introducing: The Yoga Haven Moganshan ~ a renovated cozy farm house; pictures below show the living, dining, lounge areas and bedrooms 温馨住宿:莫干山瑜伽天堂 ~ 衷心装修的农舍。以下图片:客厅,餐厅,休闲区和卧室

Copyright © Caitlin Reilly Art 2011 All rights reserved.

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Contact Us 联系我们

Caitlin 135 8577 1405 (Eng)
Jo 187 2120 6452 (Eng/Chn 英/中) 飞信: 551674008





all words & images remain the copyright of

Shantih Shala Holistic Arts & Caitlin Reilly Art 2011

切文字于图片属于 Shantih Shala Holistic Arts 和Caitlin Reilly Art 2011 版权所有


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