From the receiver of an Energy Healing session 来自一位能量治疗接受者的后感

From the receiver of an Energy Healing session:-

Dear Jo,

Thank you also for the Healing……very much appreciated……and interesting!
Thought I would share my thoughts & feeling afterwards……

No bad dreams….infact slept well……..but kinda strange that the healing stays with me. It came back to me over & over last night…..

Feeling that you were humming throughout,
Thinking that a couple of times that you had said something.
I couldnt tell a lot of the time where your hands were,
The Crystals seemed to become heavier at times & lighter sometimes.
That you were gently rocking my head from side to side.
Fast moving colours slowly calming down to softer, but deeper colours. (lots of greens & oranges…..bits of purple moving through……..very pretty…….very peaceful!)

Last night I had a feeling again that my head was being rocked side to side.
ALSO…..last night I felt again (but had forgotten to tell you yesterday)……did you gently “blow” across my face & neck during the healing???? I remember feeling this 3 or 4 times yesterday & then I felt it again last night.

NO……I definately did NOT sleep during the healing (what a waste that would have been!)……….I just went somewhere else. Sounds strange, but not dissimilar to “that place” I can go to when I’m very fit & go for a 2 or 3 hour run !!

Also (and please, take this as just words, not as having any other meaning or motive), but when we finished & you told me to slowly come back from where I was, I had an overwhelming urge for you to lie on top of me. Seriously……no hidden meanings, or sexual or anything like that……..but somehow it felt like there was a strange connection after the treatment & felt that if you had layed on top of me with my arms around you, that part of you would have soaked or melted into me…..and part of me into would have gone into you.

Anyway….thank you SO much for it & I hope we can do again sometime.
It was wonderful. (again…not an adequate enough word)

Jo’s reply:-

Thanks for your email and sharing!

You’re very welcome for the healing. As I’ve said, it’s also a healing and a practice for me too.

Just to help break it down for you (done at the top of my mind, and you can do some research for more and accurate info):-

Orange: represent the sacral chakra which governs our sexual/creative energy; it is also our ‘passion’ centre and how we express ourselves to the outside world

Green: the heart chakra which governs our emotions and feelings, mainly Love and Compassion

Purple: the third eye centre/chakra which governs our intuition, intelligence, thoughts, imagination; our higher self

The crystals always work with the energies around it, so it’s just reflecting how you were feeling during the session. When you saw the colours it could mean that these few chakras were particularly active, there is no good or bad, it was merely the process. As for other hidden messages, it is up to you to ‘ask for guidance’ and let your intuition tell you, if you would like to know more.

The movements – perhaps the vibrations from the singing bowl were stronger than I thought and it stayed with you for a while. At the beginning I placed the singing bowl on your chest/solar plexus and gently knocked against it a few times. Vibrational sounds are very powerful as it goes deep into the cellular system to heal the subconscious.

As for going into another place and feeling very energized – it is a common phenomenon which happens whereby you probably have left your physical body and went into another dimension. It might just be your subtle energy body ‘hanging out’ somewhere else, and often you will feel very light and free compared to the physical gross body. This is often a place we feel most ‘free’ and ‘light’ for many.

Furthermore, in case you are wondering, there is no fear for anything that should or shouldn’t happen. As a receiver, all that is required is that you decide whether you want the healing, then just allow and accept the process. There is never a healing that isn’t ‘supposed’ or ‘not supposed’ to happen. Everything will take its natural course and all is perfect as it is.

As for the connection between us – of course, it is only natural due to various reasons. A deep healing session also naturally bonds the giver and receiver in many intimate ways. Basically I was your ‘connector’ to the Reiki energies, the source of the healing energies. Hence, how the receiver feels, sometimes I will feel it too. This is just another beautiful and miraculous part of the healing arts.

So no worries, I understand and appreciate your sharing very much indeed. It is really quite common to have these feelings after deep healing. In fact, many have had similar comments to me. Many have told me that they feel much Love and Care energy when i have my hands on them during healing, or just stand/sit behind them. It’s amazingly humbling and I’m so grateful I am able to help others through something so simple yet powerful.

Have a great weekend ahead and let’s chat again soon.



Lots of love & healing,




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