12.1.13 Memories 回忆: The Meditation of Death 死亡的冥想

12.1.13 Memories 回忆:

能量治疗圈: 死亡的冥想

Healing Circle:

The Meditation of Death


Egon Schiele-death
‘The Self Seers II’ aka ‘Death and Man’ by Egon Schiele

Death. A subject we are often fearful of. A term we often associate with other words such as negative, darkness, grim, tragedy, despair, horror, grief, sadness, loss and the like. We often forget it is merely the opposite of birth, a brand new beginning, a fresh start. Death is simply the ending of the old and the birth of the new; one cannot exist without the other. No death means no birth, both are equally important. I invite you to join us in a powerful meditation as we explore the fears and doubts within the depths of our soul together, release them and see it transform into something empowering that is full of light and life.

死 亡。这是一般人害怕的题材。我们经常把它联想到类似的词语:负面能量、黑暗、严 厉、悲剧、绝望、恐惧、失落、悲伤等等。我们经常忘记其实死亡只不过是诞生的反义词,新鲜的开始。死亡就是旧的结素,新的诞生。没有死亡就没有诞生,他们 的存在一样重要。诚心邀请你一起参与这个强大的冥想,让我们一起探讨深藏内心的恐惧和疑惑,释放并转换他们为给力的光和活力。



HC 12:1:13-1

Another peaceful, insightful and healing afternoon it was… some see death as something full of light and joyful, some as darkness and pain; some are fearful of death, some are poetic and calm; we could meet death struggling and suffering, or we could go quietly and peacefully, as plain as day.

As certain as the sun will rise each sunrise, Death is part of Life. Without death there would be no life, without the end there would be no beginnings. Hence, live life to the fullest at each given moment. Savour this precious gift of life as it has been presented from you straight from the Universe. Forgive, forget, be grateful and humble for everything and everyone in this lifetime. Most importantly, be joyful as happiness is an absolute blessing given to you.

HC 12:1:13-2

These were the cards of the day… what a coincidence that the ‘Death’ card was among it!

What story does these cards tell you?






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