Excerpts From ‘Facing Your Fears’ Meditation 面对你的恐惧’之后感

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Here are some enlightening excerpts from the lively discussion we had after the meditation:-

“I was thinking about the separation of some aspects of our personality from ourselves. I thought about it more (actually I also dreamed about it); not being the solid rock as which you described me, I had and have some solid issues with parts of myself that are not very easy to align with overall hopes I have for myself, and I certainly tried the “isolation method”. Did not work for me. On the other hand, that is not what you taught, as you were taking the “other self” with you and encouraged to accept it.


I realy liked that discussion following the meditation (and I think after meditation there is more clarity in the mind), as it made me thinking about what our self is made of,  and (to use a German expression) “it fell like dandruff from my head” that all and everything we have in our heads is US and nothing else. Sure, maybe people or situations have done things (like education, threat, reward, explanation) to us that are now manifest in our “construction”, but this has become part of us (and may well conflict with other parts of us). But I found the idea that all that is in us is ourself very enlightening for myself.”


*  *  *  *  *  *  *
“… So it is wonderful that this ‘being’ actually has a name and a clear identity! It seems to me that he/she is an aspect of you whom you disapprove of, someone the complete opposite of you, hence the frustration and conflict between the two of you. What he/she desires and behaves may be exactly what your subconscious self truly and secretly wants but is fearful of. It’s clear that your work is to listen compassionately to this being, accept him/her without prejudice and judgment. The more you can communicate with him/her, the more you will be able to make peace with him/her, hence be peaceful  with yourself. At the end of the day, realize that this being is really a part of you vying for your attention, acceptance and affection after all. Once you embrace him/her, you will feel complete at last.”   

“。。。这个‘灵魂’居然有个名字和很清楚的身份是件特好事!看来他/她就是你的另一面, 是你否认自己的一面;你很迷惑和郁闷因为你们俩根本没有沟通与和平。

              * * * * * * * *           
Once again, thank you all SO MUCH for sharing and opening your hearts!
Deeply humbling and healing it is indeed for me always….
* * * * * * * *

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