4.10.13 “Allowing & Surrendering” Workshop “允许+放下”工作坊 @ Centre For Spiritual Living 灵性生活中心

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Tianzifang, Taikang Rd, Lane #200, Bldg 3, #311
Our address is just steps from the DaPuQiao stop on Metro Line #9,Exit 1.
Parking is available under the SML
Shopping Center for cars and there is plenty of bike and scooter parking on Taikang Rd.
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IMPORTANT  NOTE 重要提醒: Please do RSVP and provide your mobile number

(if I haven’t got it already) in case of any changes, thanks.



Note 备注:Please keep stomach fairly empty and bring a small towel



Class will be in both English & Mandarin 课程将以中英对照进行

Often, to move into stillness requires a certain amount of effort and patience.

Sometimes Grace is bestowed upon us and we become still in the body, mind, spirit and soul,

effortlessly. Such times are fine examples of beautiful miracles indeed.

There is no peace in the mind if there is none in the body, as with the spirit and soul.

There will only be peace when union happens in all these elements which are very much part of us,

the Whole of Oneself.

For peace to enter us, firstly we must purge ourselves of anything that

takes away our peace so that peace and freedom will be given a chance.

Hence, our workshop will be doing just that – to distress our bodies, to empty the mind of unnecessary thoughts,

to awaken the spirit and to let our soul shine through. Abandon yourself to the liberating process as we inspire

and support each other as one powerful group committed to one mission – being free.

The workshop will be a spontaneous mix of Kriyas (Yogic cleansing practices), Ying Yang Yoga (Yoga postures),

Pranayama (Yogic breathing techniques), Feldenkrais-inspired,

Chanting, Meditation, Yoga Nidra (Yogic deep relaxation techniques).

Although no experience whatsoever is required to join the workshop,

however please do inform the facilitator of any health concerns/situation you may have beforehand.

See you there!





我们将互相鼓励和协助大家一切放下一切, 释放、链接真我。我们最终只有一个共同的目的-回归自由。

这个工作坊中包含一些奎亚 、阴和阳性瑜伽、调息、菲登而卡式、唱诵、冥想和瑜伽睡眠的练习。



Spaces are limited so please reserve your space early!



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