Looking Without Seeing 看到但没看见

cat staring

Looking Without Seeing 但没看

What is this strange phenomenon where we look yet we don’t see? Why do we fear so much when looking straight into our very own eyes? Surely this pair of eyes we see every day is anything but a stranger to us? Yet the naked truth is this pair of eyes indeed reveal an alien staring back at us.

First we are appalled by the shock of a completely foreign face starring at us in the mirror, a surreal reflection beyond recognition. Then we wonder whether this face with all its hidden stories and repressed emotions really belong to us, searching hopefully in our rational mind for an answer.  Entranced by its enigma or perhaps, the illusion that this face is actually a part of us, we continue to gaze into these gateways to our soul.

Mesmerized, hypnotized, captivated, scrutinized, criticized, dramatized… Reflected back at us are endless streams of judgment, expectations, fantasies, emotions; so much words unsaid as we are forced into submission, regrets snowballing into sadness, paralyzing fears and anxiety, despairing loneliness and other endless, unexpressed feelings suppressed all these years, haplessly silenced without a choice, expressions without a voice. Saddened by the missed opportunities we lost, or the sacrifices we made, or merely just overwhelmed by the harsh traces of time and reality, pools of saline pours from our eyes.

After memories are revisited, emotions expressed, senses indulged, feelings acknowledged and thoughts recognized, the soul as if purged of its impurities returns to its temporary calm and quiet façade. We are humbly reminded therein our soul lies a dormant volcano that may be provoked into terrrifying havoc if we neglect to listen, nurture and take care of it.

Our pragmatic mind informs us that everything happens for good reasons as what The Higher Self/Universe/God/Fate meant things to be as they are. Our life journey consisting of every step, be it small or large steps, significant or otherwise, takes us to where we are today, and it will continue to guide us to where we are meant to go. Lessons learnt along the way, relationships ignited and ended, greetings and farewells, births and deaths are all merely passing acts in the dramatic story we call Life. Hopefully, one becomes stronger and wiser in time as we grow and adapt to the constant changes in the flow of life. In gratitude, we bow to our Higher Self/Universe/God for the gift of experiencing and living this Life.


Have you looked at yourself recently? When was the last time you really looked into your own eyes?

Shanghai, 3.11.13

cats green eyes





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