10.11.13 Memories: Ecstatic Dance 回忆:狂喜舞蹈

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Ecstatic Dance-Nov5

Ecstatic Dance-Nov9

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Yoga Garden-NOV-MM

Sunday afternoon. Outside: sleepy and quiet; inside (this sunny space): pulsating and vibrant. Everyone transformed into the most beautiful and magical artist as our Inner Dancers sprang to life. Each and every one was a unique star shining the stage, captivating the very atmosphere with his/her flawless, passionate and mesmerizing movements, as if conquering the world.

With the soul as the Source, music became the drug, dance as the vehicle, along with movement, sound, breath, thoughts and emotions marked the remains of a healthy high.

The dancers breathed, sang, played; their spirits entertained, surrendered, seduced, electrified to the constantly changing tunes of melody: music from folk, soul, rock, pop, ambient, jazz, rap, hip-hop, gospel, alternative, classical, opera, new age and the list goes on. A diverse mix of different languages further added exotic touches to the overall mood as well: English, Italian, Hindi, Mandarin, Cantonese, Armenian, Sanskrit, French, Shanghainese, Arabic…

The mood ebbed and flowed as clouds in the ever-changing skies. The human spirit fully celebrated through such diverse expressions and movements: at times melancholy with romantic, poetic and graceful movements as the swans on the lake; sometimes fierce with sudden, pompous and even hostile movements, as if demanding an apology from The Universe/God itself.

Occasionally, bursts of laugher erupt, celebrating the freeing joy of being foolish as one indulges in awkward behaviours, randomly muttering and creating bizarre actions. In contrast, at times a freezing forlorn stirs up and tears well up as the body heavies itself in confining sadness, suppressed anxiety and paralyzing fears.

The dance is really a balanced play between controlling and surrendering as bodies fall from leaps in the air, spinning in the middle of the room, or simply rolling on the ground in an unstoppable momentum. Our spirit drove the body like how a puppeteer would a puppet, the body had to merge with the mood of any given moment with complete spontaneity.

As we admired each dancer in the room, each one as unique and precious as its own, we are deeply touched by the beauty and sentimentality of it all. Perhaps there is something we want to say yet the words are not found, hence the body expresses itself in the breath, movements and emotions. Although we may not understand it all, there is so much more depth and meaning as the body doesn’t lie; often, mere words does no justice as it is ruled by the Ego/Mind that loves to create stories and lie. In the end, there is no need to understand or search for any meaning. We can enjoy the simple pleasure of quietly witnessing, observing and being without any agenda or reaction. A true celebration of the purity of the Presence indeed.

Shanghai, 12.11.13

Ecstatic Dance-Nov10

Ecstatic Dance-Nov11

Ecstatic Dance-Nov12

Ecstatic Dance-Nov13

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Ecstatic Dance-Nov26

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Yoga Garden-NOV-Reiki Share

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