REIKI LEVEL 1: more info 灵气一级培训:更多资料

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Reiki orange words+hands


  1. Works as caregivers or gives energies to other such as Yoga Teachers, Counselors, Healers, Physiotherapists, parents, teachers etc.
  2. Are recovering or suffering from illness, injuries or emotional trauma (either past or present)
  3. Are keen to discover/connect/understand their True Self
  4. Are keen to discover/further their personal growth
  5. Are interested in exploring their potential as a human being
  6. Likes practicing Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing and Healing Arts
  7. Curious about Philosophy, mystical science and metaphysics
  8. Want to raise their inner vibration to a higher level of consciousness
  9. Want to discover/improve their spiritual self /Life Force Energy/healing potential
  10. Enjoys maintaining general well-being
  11. Enjoys living and practicing a healthful, natural, peaceful and conscious life
  12. Enjoys helping and taking care of others
  13. Are looking for a change or changes in their lives
  14. Enjoys taking on a challenge
  15. Want to empower themselves
  16. Want to train, focus and calm the mind
  17. Want to break free from the past, repressed emotions and fear of the future
  18. Want to heal and balance themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually
  19. Want to enjoy a harmonious relationship with themselves, others and their surroundings
  20. Possess a stressful/negative/confused/fearful/needy disposition
  21. Are injured/unwell to get well by assisting the body’s natural healing process

As long as you have the desire to learn and an intention to heal, you too can become a powerful healer! Reiki teaches us to empower ourselves by not succumbing into the victim mentality and learn how to be adaptable in all kinds of situations. In the process, profound self-transformation enfolds as we take charge of our life that is enlightening, humbling and triumphant!

【 Testimonials 】

“Thank you so much again for your care and your healing session!! It was so amazing – you brought my energy back!!! It was great to know how much Energy Healing works… I’m so appreciative.

I feel so lucky to learn REIKI with a great healer!”

Mariko Nakaki, Japan

 “It was always such an enjoyable discovery process whenever we worked together. I was feeling great and really enjoyed our daily sessions together!”

Mr. Mikhail Baryshinikov, legendary ballet dancer and actor from Russia

mikhail+Jo namaste-small

“Josephine has got an admiring voice leading her Yoga and meditative state of mind. Whether it’s Yoga, Meditation or Energy Healing, her passion and care just never fails to inspire me.”

Ms. Miki Nakatani, Japanese actress/artist


“I had the pleasure of practicing yoga and some energy balancing work on a daily basis with Josephine Ong. Working with Josephine was truly inspiring and was probably one of the highlights of my visit.”

The Honorable Judge Mr. Joel Silcoff, Canada

More testimonials here:

【 Reiki Training Course 】

In the course of this training, you will learn how to administer self-healing for maintaining general wellbeing. Students will be guided through easy, simple and effective steps to discover their potential and begin their self-healing journey.

Eventually and naturally, we will share our healing energies with others too. It is also a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with ourselves with like-minded souls, to support and empower each other through our intentions.

No previous experience is required to join this course. However, please share your experience with others if you have some. Everyone is warmly welcomed. Ultimately, learning Reiki is another stepping stone on your spiritual path to wholeness and well being.

【What Is Reiki & Energy Healing?】

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “Life Force Energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “Life Force Energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy, healthy and balanced.

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

More info:



【 Reiki Training Course Outline 】

The history of Reiki

The 5 principles of Reiki

Introduction to meditation

The Chakra System

Introduction to Energy Healing


Hands-on healing positions for oneself

Healing positions for others

Other methods of healing

Practice Guidelines

【 Benefits of Reiki 】

Physical benefits:
  • Detoxifies the body of impurities
  • Contributes to a healthy wellbeing
  • Relaxes concentrated body parts or the whole body
  • Relieves and reduce pain
  • Releases tension
  • Clears and balance out stagnant energies of the body
  • Connects us with our physical being
  • Assists our body’s natural healing process
  • Boosts immunity
  • Harmonizes internal energies within the body
  • Increases vitality
  • Sharpens our sensory organs
  • Trains us to be more receptive to subtle energies

Mental benefits:

  • De-stresses and calms the mind
  • Assists clarity and awareness
  • Promotes meditation
  • Refreshes our perspectives and thought patterns
  • Sharpens and trains the mind to focus
  • Further expands the mind and accelerates brain functioning
  • Develops discipline and diligence
  • Heals addictions and behavioural tendencies
  • Liberates us from limited, conceptual ideals or belief systems
  • Connects our conscious, sub- conscious and unconscious selves
  • Teaches us to transform negative thoughts into positive ones

Emotional benefits:

  • Connects us with our emotions and feelings
  • Helps express our thoughts and emotions
  • Clears emotional baggage from the past, present and future
  • Transforms negative emotions into positive ones
  • Provides a haven to ground ourselves emotionally
  • Acts as a facilitator/tool/outlet to release repressed emotions and feelings
  • Serves as a driving force, guide and support for change, traumas and challenging situations
  • Promotes qualities of self-love, compassion, understanding, patience etc.
  • Maintains a positive outlook in life
  • Stabilizes emotions (instead of being overwhelmed)
  • Trains us to not be attached to and affected by our emotions and feelings
  • Offers a general well-being of feeling calm, centered and joyful
  • Improves relationships with others as we connect better with ourselves

Spiritual benefits:

  • Unites our physical, mental and emotional aspects as one powerful unit
  • Realizes our full potential as a human being
  • Develops independence, confidence, inner peace, contentment etc.
  • Grounds us energetically
  • Increases, strengthens and repairs our Prana (Life Force Energy) and Auras (energy field)
  • Discover/increase clairvoyance
  • Increases present-awareness and being conscious
  • Helps connect us to the Source/Universe/God/Higher Self/Higher Consciousness/Truth/Reality
  • Acts as a tool for our inner voice to connect with ourselves, others, surroundings, other ethereal beings and the Universe
  • Assists us on discovering and understanding our True Self/Higher Self
  • Empowers us in various ways to live a full, joyful and balanced life
  • Purifies us on every level to heal and balance ourselves, as well as others
  • Increases our healing abilities and potential
  • Prepares us for a deep, internal cleansing of the soul

In short, Reiki is one of the quickest, simplest and safest practice that can be incorporated into your daily life to live a balanced, healthy and joyful existence. It is commonly known to bring about profound changes and dramatically improves one’s quality of life.

Animals and plants need healing too!

【 Previous Reiki Graduates 之前的灵气毕业生 】

灵气一级 @ 莲会所 (重庆)
Reiki Level 1 @ Lian Club(

Reiki graduate+certs

灵气一级 @ 奇迹花园(上海)
Reiki  Level 1 @ Miracle Garden (Shanghai)


Reiki Level 1: Sharing & Afterthoughts:-

灵气一级 @ 熙德堂 (上海)
Reiki  Level 1 @ Ceeport (Shanghai)
reiki w seniors
Never too old to learn! The eldest student was 80 years young!

灵气一级 @ 北星瑜伽馆

Reiki Level 1 @ North Star Yoga (Shanghai)
Reiki1 Eng-graduation
Please contact us directly if you wish to participate in the training course.
Classes are kept small to ensure maximum attention given to every student,
so please reserve your space early.

* * * Private Yoga Therapy sessions * * *
* * * Private Energy Healing sessions * * *
* * * Private group workshops or corporate training  * * *


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England: +44 7851 625 231

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Russia: +79 166 419 548

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Skype: Shantih Shala
WeChat 微信:Jo Shantih Shala

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