26.11.13 Memories: Family Constellation @ Chongqing Lian Club

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https://shantihshalaholisticarts.com/2013/11/27/fam-con-nov-chongqing/ ‎http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_9f701f450101gtmk.html


There were no preconceptions, nor preparation, nor rehearsed speeches,
only the presence of being here.
When all is quiet, we gradually walk into each others’ stories;
your joy, fear, sadness, doubt becomes mine too.
your, my, his and her hearts merge into one single heart,
seamlessly connected as if the most natural phenomenon.
This is proof that age old saying of “we are deeply connected” stands true.
A compellingly real, miraculous, touching and humane group healing it was indeed!
Thank you so much again to everyone for your presence, sharing and support!

CQ Lian-Fam Con25

CQ Lian-Fam Con26

CQ Lian-Fam Con3

CQ Lian-Fam Con5

CQ Lian-Fam Con6

CQ Lian-Fam Con7

CQ Lian-Fam Con9

CQ Lian-Fam Con10

CQ Lian-Fam Con12

CQ Lian-Fam Con13

CQ Lian-Fam Con16

CQ Lian-Fam Con17

CQ Lian-Fam Con27

CQ Lian-Fam Con19

CQ Lian-Fam Con20

CQ Lian-Fam Con29

CQ Lian-Fam Con30

CQ Lian-Fam Con31






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