Memories 回忆(2): Krabi’s甲米岛的 Rayavadee Resort

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 5.00.29 PM

Max Beesley+Jo

It was a pleasure to have met and worked with the multi-talented
Maxton Beesley Senior & Junior – a wonderful father and son duo!

“Jo is an amazing practitioner, she knows her stuff! Check her out!”
 Maxton Beesley Junior, famous actor from the UK

著名英国演员 Maxton Beesley

Big+Little Max yogis2

Jo healing Big Max

Big+Little Max+staff

crystals@healing room

healing room-b&w

The Healing Room at the Spa

afternoon tea+crystals

Meet the Visiting Practitioner at Afternoon Tea

healing@cocktail party

Sample healing sessions at the Cocktail Party –
the power of true peace and calm revealed amidst the noise surrounding us!

healing@cocktail party7

healing@cocktail party10

healing@cocktail party11


Quick healing session at the restaurant

Jess+Mike Todd meditatin3

Meditation after Reiki attunement

Athina healed2

Group Healing after Reiki attunement


 Congratulations to all the new Reiki Healers!

jo teachin staff2

jo teachin staff4

Jo healing Sindy

staff meditatin2

staff meditatin

staff yoga

Jo teachin partner yoga

Ida w straps2

Yoga Therapy in action

Live-hanging downdog


US yoga group2

The Yoga group from America – thanks again for all your presence & support!

healing circle

Group healing in action during the Healing Circle

partner yoga-Jess+Mike Todd2

yoga@coconut lawn

yoga@coconut lawn2

yoga@coconut lawn3



Lovely staff members that makes up the Rayavadee family…
Krop khun mak ka again everyone for everything!!

Mongkon on bike

Khun Mongkon: Take a deep breath….

Spa staff

Jo+staff@Raya Dining

At the Activity Centre

Khun Goi+Fan@spa reception




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