DATE CHANGE: 4/26~27 Reiki Level II Training

Reiki 2@Enso-Apr26+27

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Reiki attunement2


Empower & deepen your practice

Venture deeper into yourself  

Healing other people

Healing animals & plants

Healing  spaces

Absence Healing

Emotional Healing

Creative everyday Healing

Learn other techniques and powerful Reiki symbols

as useful tools for Self and Group Healing

crystals on floor3

 For the first time, the Reiki Level II Course will be both English and Chinese,
no doubt it will bridge more people of various cultural backgrounds together for a more profound healing!
Please contact us for more info regarding the Early Bird and Bring A Friend Offer to enjoy special rates!
healing Angie's dogs2
* * * RESERVE  YOUR  SPACE * * *
Please contact us directly if you wish to participate in the training course.
Classes are kept small to ensure maximum attention given to every student, so please reserve your space early.
【 Reiki Level II Course Outline 】
Transitioning from Reiki I to Reiki II
Reminders and precautions
Introducing the Reiki symbols
Creative Healing methods
The Reiki Box
Group Healing
Common Q&A’s
healing Angie's dogs5

【 Training Venue

Enso Temple Shanghai

Hse 1, Changle Lu 339, Near Xiang Yang Lu. Metro Line 1/10 Shanxi Nan Lu


Enso Temple directions4

【 More Info 更多资料 】
* * * * * *
* * * Private Yoga Therapy sessions * * *
* * * Private Energy Healing sessions * * *
* * * Circuit Training (private or small group) * * *
* * * Private group workshops or corporate training  * * *


China: +86 187 2120 6452

England: +44 7851 625 231

Japan:    +81 (0) 9085 638 245

Russia: +79 166 419 548

Facebook: Josephine Ong Yoke Nunn

Skype: Shantih Shala

WeChat 微信:Jo Shantih Shala

飞信: 551674008

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all words & images remain the copyright of Shantih Shala Holistic Arts

切文字于图片属于 Shantih Shala Holistic Arts 版权所有


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