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A heartfelt thank you again to my dear students and friends – thanks again for your continuous love, support and faith in me! It’s wonderfully humbling to have you share your experiences, miracles and journey with me. Remember that you are never alone as the Universe is always supporting your every effort! Let us continue to keep walking forward together…


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Thank you again dear Jo. I also feel very close to you, even before you approached me from the back. When you laid your hands on my head, I felt a powerful surge of magnetic charge running through my spine, and quality of that energy was love. I felt completely merged into this energy field and lost myself. The feeling was amazing, very wonderful indeed, and I’ve never experienced this before. Last night I was still in awe of this powerful healing energies, and until now its presence remains. I am urged to give you all my love and joy. I also feel that I am becoming stronger in my spiritual practices. Last not but least, I also feel that I may have been your son in my previous life.

                                     A lady who came from afar

Jo’s comments: When I laid my hands on this particular student’s head for healing, my heart was immediately warm with deep love and care, like of a mother’s love to her beloved child. The familiarity and bond I felt between us was akin to a mother and her son. My instincts told me that she was indeed my son in our previous life. The intense love, joy and gratitude in my heart continued to overflow as I deeply thanked the Universe once again for bestowing this gift onto me!

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My wife and I organized a distance healing session for my mother. She was lying down at home in France with an eye mask. We phoned her before and after. Here in Shanghai we had gathered on our bed photos and objects that she made. The session lasted 25 min. Quite intense heat for both of us. When I was “working” on her stomach where the cancer is located, my hands were shaking. Very interesting feedback from my mother whom I called just after the session: she saw an unusual purple light a bit like a moving jellyfish just at the top of her head. This is exactly how I would describe the light that I see sometimes during Reiki or meditation. Then the light went away, she laid her hands on her stomach and felt peaceful.


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In the evening distance healing session on my mother with my wife. Same method as last time. My hands shook when I was working on her middle area with cancer, but less than last time, and then went in a rotation movement. Vision of small purple lights. Towards the end of the 25 min session, I felt (but did not see) the presence of my grandmother, my mother’s mother, who died of cancer about 40 years ago, after fighting the disease for 12 years. She was encouraging us and saying to her daughter; “you will go through it, my dear; you will be all right”. After the session, over the phone, my mother said she felt very relaxed and that the pains in her stomach receded a bit. She saw a very small purple light with white inside, like a star. I conveyed the message from my grandmother. She had not felt the presence, but was very grateful and was not surprised that her mother would be at our side during this time.

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Distant healing session on my mother-in-law together with my husband. session lasted about 20 min., what was interesting, was that it felt as if she was really lying in front of me, not in France. Feeling of energy exchange, I saw a yellow band of light. I could feel that she was in pain.

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Yesterday I did a Reiki session in France on my mother, the day following her 3rd chemo. Head to feet with more time on the stomach area, were the cancer is. I feel a lot of heat in me, especially head and hands. At the end, when working on her feet, I have the impression of a clear river starting from her feet washing her and leaving from her head. My mother felt a lot of heat and was very relaxed. She slept very well.

Today, another Reiki session on my mother. I also feel a lot of heat, especially when working on her stomach. When I work on her feet, I feel some release. My mother also felt the same and the impression of lifting up. Very relaxed.

I feel happy and grateful to be able to do something to help my mother.


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Reiki Level II homework day 8: I gave some healing to a little bird today.
As I was drinking my tea, a little bird knocked against the glass door and fell to the floor motionless. I picked it up gently and started the healing immediately without using the Reiki symbols. At first it was just lying in my palm with its eyelids flickering continuously, eventually it stood up and opened its eyes, turning its head around and gradually started to fly off.
A it slowly flew away, it was turning around to look at us, as if thanking us.
I’m so happy! Thank you teacher and Reiki! 🙏🙏🙏

Ding's bird rescue1

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Dear Jo, thank you again for bringing such a wonderful Reiki Training Course to us today! It was a great learning experience for me! After crying so emotionally during the receiving of our Group Energy Healing,now I feel so deeply cleansed from the inside out! Something has purged and purified within me, and it feels great! When I return home I will do two things: 1. send Absent Energy Healing to my mom for her eyes; 2. Visit the children at the orphanage. I believe as long as my heart is filled with love and peace, everything will be wonderful! Thanks again for your well wishes!

               A lady from afar who attended the Reiki Level II Training Course 

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“I kept saying ‘wow’ and ‘amazing’… Simply exhilarating, empowering and so much fun – even with the challenging parts included! Thanks for a great time! 上课时候我一直在感叹‘棒极了’、’太厉害了‘了!实在令人振奋同时又很有趣,哪怕有时候有点挑战!谢谢你让我度过一个愉快并给力的时光!”

Ms.Marion Cotillard, renowned actress from France 玛丽昂.歌迪亚, 法国著名演员

MORE  Testimonials:

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