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26/10/14 was a historical day in Shanghai where various healers, teachers, coaches, trainers and practitioners from different cultures and backgrounds gathered together and shared their gifts, talents and energy with the community!!

BRAVO again to the HAF (Healing Arts Festival) team:
Rob, Mariska, Fadzi, Jo, Fionn, Phounkeo, James and Paul!!

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers for their selfless help,
ALL who attended, who shared their gifts, wisdom, goods, performances and great energy!

THANK YOU SO MUCH again to all my wonderful Shantih Shala Healing Angels
Tomomi, Janet, Patrick, Valerie, Coreen, Anna
and Deborah!

Plus EVERYONE who volunteered their help and energy including
photographers Eric, Hattie, Daria, videographer Ely
and so many others!

I’m also very happy and proud to sharing my space with my lovely friend Mariska (of Miracles In Shanghai; who made the venue look so beautiful and creating the Shanghai Awakening website selflessly) and the great people of CSL (Centre For Spiritual Living)!

More great things to come, watch this space!

 SS healers


jo's feedback

Fionn's feedback

So for me yeasterday was amazing ! And full of love and energy ! I met very nice people and I was very humble and honor to play gong for meditation launching Shanghai awakening !

I have got a little headache at the end if the day which I believe is due to excess of energy accumulation of the day ( I did release it by meditation during playing football with my son later after ) I met very lovely people touching people like Marianna also already healer as Katianna and also an angel young boy of two years old ( father yoga teacher) who incredibly strike me as well as my healing partner Tomomi, Jo, Anna, Janet and a lot of other friends

I’d like also to share that at beginning I imagine it might difficult to get focus in this crowded and full of energy festival but finally not all healing was very nice and people looks very well to appreciate them!

Well in conclusion it was amazing day for me ( thanks to all the community of people who organizes it and I m looking forward for any other sharing / offering /gathering day like this one soon !!

* * * * * *

Thank you so much for this sharing and so happy to be with my master Reiki to ring the gong!!

* * * * * *
For me, I had a bad morning, & I was doubt if I was able to handle the afternoon reiki section! But it turn out very rewarding afternoon, I worked for 7 people, every single of them gave me good positive feedback! I was tired, but happy~ thanks for the opportunity , Jo! Great to see all of you~ hope to connect next time!

* * * * * *

Thanks for the pictures. For me on Sunday as I already told you Jo, more I practiced, more my feelings increased. Not easy for every people to give a feedback. I was little tired at the end of the day, but happy to participate at the healing festival.

* * * * * *

Tomomi@SS booth2

I was impressed that lot of people from different countless were interested in Reiki healing and enjoyed the healing. Also I respected all of healers gave their energy with love generously.🙏
And I wished I could do Reiki healing too.

* * * * * *

Hello Jo, You were wonderful yesterday at the session and workshop as usual!!!
It was great time. I was very very happy to be volunteer and enjoyed HAF as well. I was impressed that many people from different countries were interested in healing. So wonderful to share their thought of healing / spiritual etc..

* * * * * *

mariska's thx

Hi Jo thank u for the nice pic🙏 in which I can see what I was happy to be part of the event 😄😄

* * * * * *

From a vendor:
It was a pleasure to meet you and like-minded people. I believe most people were surprised, curious and pleased with the quality of the event which took them at another level away from the usual food stuff gathering. Life is so much more than eating and drinking. Seeds were sown that will bring fruit in due time. Dances and performance were great and fitted right in. Thanks again for the opportunity to be part of this opening!

* * * * * *

thanks to you for inviting us! We had a great day and enjoyed a lot

* * * * * *


Part of the HAF and Shanghai Awakening team + volunteers!



* * * * * *

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