Memories 回忆 + Feedback 分享: Jan 2015 Reiki Level I

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I repeated the 5 Reiki princples to myself while riding in the cab on the way to work. It’s helping me to enter my workplace in a more peaceful state of being. I had a pretty good day. I did get a little upset with someone, but caught myself and stopped the negative thought from going on any further.
I did not take time during the day to practice. My days are very fast paced, and I rarely have time alone, but will not give up trying. I’m finding I am a bit gentler with myself and not beating myself up when I don’t meet my own expectations.
I set my alarm for ten minutes tonight for meditation, and the same thing happened as yesterday; I was startled when the alarm went off. I m going to try and meditate tomorrow  morning when I wake up. I practiced Reiki on myself tonight, and felt grateful that I am working on healing myself, and know there is a power much bigger than I.
I am experiencing so many new things. I feel like my life is just opening up to a world I have never known. I am feeling grateful, loving and thankful for so many new realizations.
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On my way to work today while riding in the cab I pulled out the manual to review the 5 Reiki principles. I like thinking that just for today…I have been worrying about my son’s mental health and I was able today to trust that he will be okay. I felt a peace abut him that I have not felt since spending time with him during the winter holiday. I entered my workplace with a little more peace in my heart today knowing that I could deal better today with constant stress, and I did have a much more peaceful day. Riding in the cab I was thinking about working with diligence, but it took on a new meaning for me today. I thought to myself how I am usually very diligent about my job work, but now I was thinking about being more diligent in the work that I need to do on myself. For so long now I have always put myself last. So for me today the diligence is in taking care of my spiritual, physical and mental self, that it is okay and necessary for me to begin this new way of thinking, to let go of the habit of taking care of everybody and everything else first and me last, that it is not selfish, but very loving indeed.
I have done some meditation, but never been consistent, so tonight I told myself I would start with just 5 minutes. I set the alarm on my phone, and about jumped out of my skin when the alarm went off, so I guess 5 minutes is not quite enough time. It was a little too abrupt! After the short meditation I practiced Reiki on myself and became quite emotional. The tears flowed, but it was not sadness, rather a strong feeling for the first time that I am not alone. It was a very soothing and comforting feeling. I felt the presence of many. I have struggled for so long with loneliness, and know much of it is self inflicted by always isolating myself from others.
Jo I just can’t put into words how grateful I feel to have met you. I know I am on the right path to healing. My intention for tomorrow is to make time during the day to practice Reiki.
Thank you!
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