5/8 Family Constellation @ CSL with Mariska & Jo

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Family Constellation with Mariska & Jo

5/8 (Fri) 7~9pm

@  灵性生活中心 CSL
  (Centre For Spiritual Living Shanghai)






Family Constellation is a three-dimensional group process that has the power to shift generations of suffering and unhappiness. It is a way of discovering underlying family bonds and forces that have been carried unconsciously over several generations for them to be healed by changing our beliefs and our perception through acknowledging what is and forgiveness, so that Truth and Love can take the place of the pain and suffering. In the moment of insight, we can connect with the Source of Love and healing of ourselves and our family members can be set in motion. The results can be life changing.

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Preparing for a Family Constellation Workshop
When you have an urgent question or concern you could have your own constellation done. Start to look within to find the best words to make your question as clear as possible. And do some research into your family history by making a family tree and discovering if any unusual circumstances befell the members of that family tree.
Whether you have your own constellation done, are a representative in someone else’s, or simply observe – all three roles have an equally important role in supporting the constellation by holding its energy – by the end of the workshop you will see how we are all connected and how judgment and secrets can poison not only relationships but an entire family system.
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欢迎你加入这个给力的集体疗愈! 无需任何经验,欢迎加入我们!

No experience needed, all welcome!

If you would like to experience a powerful,
bonding group healing – do join us!

Please arrive by 6:45pm so we can start on time, thanks!

RSVP 约课:Mariska (mariskaweiland@gmail.com)
OR Jo 187 2120 6452

WeChat 微信: jo-shantih-shala
Exchange 布施: ¥100/pax 每人;  ¥50 students 学生, ¥150 couples 双人
¥150 for person who’s constellation is chosen as case study
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Testimonial #1
I just wanted to thank you for the session the other night. It’s hard for me to describe what the experience was like for me, and I’m not sure I totally understand it. It was scary, uncomfortable, unnerving, yet peaceful and I believe, opened a window to my soul.  I was totally blown away, and am still somewhat baffled. I have never experienced anything like this before. I don’t understand how those complete strangers knew my family. I’m not dwelling on it, but rather just letting it be. Even though I don’t fully understand what happened, I know it was good.
I realized I was angry at my brother for leaving me, he had always been the one to take care of me. For me to hear the words spoken that he was okay had such an incredibly positive impact on me. The night he died, I think the moment he left his body on the operating table, he came to me. Nobody has ever believed me, but I remember so well feeling his touch on my skin. I wonder if he was telling me he was okay? I knew he had died, even though I wasn’t told until the next day when I was shown the newspaper article by my father.
I also realized how long I had been carrying the burdens of my mother. I thought that was my job as I became the “peacemaker” in my family from there on out. When my mom died she requested that I emotionally take care of my sister and her family along with my father. One of the reason I came overseas was to get away from my family because I couldn’t do it anymore. I realize now, I had not been taking care of myself because there was no energy left after caring for everyone else.
I am in awe that I am 56 years old and just now figuring this out, but thankful that each day begins anew.
The work you do is so important and I thank you for giving of yourselves to help others heal. I told Robert I have felt a shift in my being. I don’t claim to understand it, or know how to describe it, but I believe I am on a lightened path, one that will bring more peace to my life. I am grateful to you both, and to all that I have come into contact with at CSL. The events I have attended there have been such a blessing in my life.
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Testimonial #2
“When I first heard about Family Constellation workshop in CSL center, I had no idea about it.  I had many questions about my family destiny and was wondering either I could change it and make my beloved ones and myself happy.  The event seemed to be just the right place to go for the answers.Twenty minutes later we were sitting in a circle around a candle and fragrance sticks and Mariska introduced us what does Family Constellation mean and what we were supposed to do.What was happening next is hard to explain with words. It was a very emotional process of reproduction of my family member’s relations plaid by other people, who I didn’t know before this evening. I was just sitting aside and observing the process. I had a chance to see the conflict from outside with different eyes and make my decision.My decision was to change my attitude to the conflict and let my family to step into my life, which before that moment was “not their business” thing.Last summer I went home for a vacation and first thing decided to have a talk with my mother and grandmother.  It wasn’t easy and we yelled and cried and fought, but after a while we told each other openly what had  bothered us and we finally closed our arms in a hug and spent like that long time crying and asking each other for forgiveness.  For the first time we let our emotions go and become as close as relatives should be.  That was the moment of pure happiness and release.
Since that time our relations changed. We became more careful and patient to each other. Now I know they love me and support and it inspires me to be patient with them and show them my love and care more often. We still have a lot to work on, but we have broken through in the field of love and understanding.Did Family Constellation benefit my life? Absolutely!  It changed my life and it can change yours.

Fam Con@CSL-9:19-3

Proudly and whole-heartedly brought to you by the folks at
CSL (Centre For Spiritual Shanghai) ~
a place where it’s the highlight of everyone’s week in Shanghai!

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CSL (Centre For Spiritual Living):
#311 (Hongwu Kungfu Studio), Bldg 3, Lane 210,
Tianzhifang, Taikang Lu, Near Sinan Lu.
Metro Line 9 Taikang Lu Exit 1, near SML Mall.
灵性生活中心, 田子坊泰康路210弄3号楼311室近思南路
(鸿武功夫室) 地铁9号线打浦桥站1号出口, 近日月光广场.


Help with directions: 158 0041 2735 (Eng)
地址查询:187 2120 6452 (中文)

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mbers can be set in motion. The results can be life changing.

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