Healing Arts Festival Memories & Feedback

Healing Arts Festival Memories & Feedback:

from the volunteers

Dearest volunteer angels, THANK U all SO much for helping to create a super wonderful event!!

Couldn’t have done it without u! Let’s celebrate soon! Watch this space!

Thanks to Shanghai Awakening again for offering the chance for us to gather together, meet and share and enjoy!

A huge thank you to all volunteers — and a special personal thank you to Sara for the awesome shamanic costume, Mariska for organizing the decor/website/set-up, Rob for the leadership and Jo for the dedication, Justis for the raw power, you have all made my life in Shanghai a little brighter — love all around, let’s keep our community warm and glowing!

AMAZING WORK EVERYONE! And thanks for the help and thanks for letting me help. I didn’t know I would get so much out of this experience. What a beautiful bonus! Loved the genuine eye contact, conversations, performances and energy! Was so surreal and so real at the same time. I’m honoured to have found this community, be accepted, loved and to return it back. You can not truly give without receive and you can’t receive without giving!!

yes, thank you all for creating such a great community spirit … the HAF has also been a perfect welcome back to SH celebration for me and am grateful to meet such a great bunch of enthusiastic and talented folks …!!

Thanks SO much & congrats again for organizing such a great show with the entertainment!! Everyone was so impressive & the crowd loved it!! Special thanks to the DJ Gabriele too for the hard work too & great music!!

You guys did an AMAZING JOB!!!! Super successful day!! THANK U for your hard work!!

I enjoyed it a lot, it’s a great event and thanks for making such amazing loving events in Shanghai!

had so much fun in such a wonderful space , good vibes all around! Nice to meet you all!

So glad to be a part of this wonderful community…great job!!

my greatest THANK YOU ALL ever!!! It was just amazing what we all put together today!!!

what a great day! even it’s raining, it looks beautiful!

thanks so much i can be volunteer and work with you guys and i looking forward celebration!

I would like to say a special thanks you to everyone who helped out on the Welcome Table,

you were amazing. Those sign in sheets were getting filled up about as fast as we could draw new ones.

Thank you, great teamwork!

Thanks for the opportunity offered me. Next time I will do more work!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

from the vendors

Thank you all for a wonderful day. I feel very honored and blessed to take part in this high spirited event!

Yes Merciiiiiiiii to everyone for this great sharing of energy this afternoon!!!

Special thanks to Rob, Jo and Mariska for making it alive since the beginning!

And to Philippe & Mariska for the awesome website!

感谢主办方, 这次活动很丰盛! 真的很棒!!

Awesome awesome day everyone! Well done and I am incredibly grateful to each and everyone of you

for being in Shanghai and in my life!!

Everyone was super supportive. something i haven’t felt in a long time!

Very successful and exciting day. Really fantastic. My only regret is not getting enough time with all you guys! Hope we can have more times to come together! Thanks so much EVERYBODY for every little and large contribution.

Was so great to share a wonderful day with you guys! Everything was amazing! Thank you so much!!

Such a wonderful community, we should do this more often!

Had lotta fun, great thanks for show management and everyone attended.

Thank you for such an awesome day!

Thanks for organizing the event! Everyone enjoyed it so much!!

Awesome day! we are all Champions!

Love and gratitude to you all! You are my favorite community — my family in SH

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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