Akiko @ The White Room

Specialty courses & private sessions by

Akiko Igarashi, Shima Healing

@ The White Room

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Shantih Shala Holistic Arts


五十嵐敦岐江 @ 白色空间



Link: https://shantihshalaholisticarts.com/2017/03/20/akiko-the-white-room/


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No experience needed for all workshops, just an open heart!
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Spaces limited, please contact us for details and kindly book in advance, thanks!
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NOTE: Dates and times are subjected to change, please kindly stay tuned for the latest updates, thanks! 备注: 日期和时间可能会有变化, 敬请留意最新信息, 谢谢!


4/26 (Wed 周三) & 5/4 (Thu 周四) 10:00~19:00:

Holistic Health Treatments with Akiko



This is a rare opportunity to receive a private healing session from a highly experienced trainer of healers and teachers!

By appointment only,  limited appointment slots available, sessions are 75 minutes.

Please contact us for details and kindly book in advance, thank you




Are you looking to start living a more healthy and positive life?
Do you seek a more holistic approach to life to gain greater balance of mind-body-spirit?
Akiko offers an assortment of eastern holistic healing modalities to help you get back to a state of wellness, peace, and relaxation.
Treatments can help to release blockages, promote relief from physical traumas, release old patterns, balance chakras and provide overall increased energy.

Akiko draws on the wisdom of several traditions and through a personal consultation determines the appropriate fusion of treatments for you. These practices include Tibetan Sound Bowl Healing, Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and Lama Fera.



五十嵐敦岐江将为你提供一系列东方整体自然疗愈方式,帮助你重新回到一个健康、平和与放松的状态。疗愈项目能够帮助疏通阻塞、促进减轻身体创伤、放开陈旧模式、平衡脉轮,并提供整体增长的能量。五十嵐敦岐江深悟多种传统疗愈方式的智慧,将通过个人咨询来决定一个最合适你的疗愈方式组合。这些疗愈方式包括西藏颂钵疗愈、臼井灵气疗愈(Usui Reiki)、昆达里尼灵气疗愈(Kundalini Reiki)和喇嘛费拉疗愈(Lama Fera)。


Reiki hands+bowl

Group Healing at The White Room, photo by Josephine

5/4 (Thu 周四) 19:30~21:30:

Reiki Share with Tibetan Singing Bowls


Come join us for a super healing afternoon accompanied with live sounds courtesy of Akiko!

Open to anyone who would like to try Energy Healing,
no experience required
, just come with an open heart!

Calling all healers & anyone wanting to share genuine, good energy:
giving & receiving love, care & healing!






What is a Reiki Share 灵气分享圈是什么?


【 Testimonials 】


Spaces limited, booking essential. Address and directions provided upon registration.

位置有限, 请提前预约, 地址详情预约后将被提供。

Akiko @ SGP

5/6 (Sat 周六) 14:00~18:00:

‘Healer Within’ course with Akiko



The intention:

This course intends to help you find and keep connection by incorporating daily practices into your busy life. Our aim is to provide techniques you can bring home to create your own mixture of practices for cultivating the healer within. The benefits of this practice will be prevention of depression, unlearning unhealthy habits, re-programming to a new being, and simply coming back to your original healthy state of mind and body.

Get connected to your Higher Self with simple and powerful practices you can easily incorporate into your daily life. Akiko will cover ways to detox, meditate and protect one’s energy field. In addition, experience an energy ‘attunement’, because the best way to understand what energy is, is to feel it!

This course is perfect for you if you lead a busy lifestyle and do not have time to dedicate to spiritual practices, but are curious about metaphysical energy and how it all works!

Who will benefit:

  • you lead a busy hectic lifestyle and are not only able to make time for daily practices or attend regular energy or spiritual classes
  • You do not have discipline to meditate for an hour every day
  • You constantly feel tired and anxious or depressed with life in general
  • You want to kick start good, new habits for better health and a clearer understanding of one’s self.
  • You do not believe things you cannot see or tangilize, but are yet curious about what it all means and how it works


What’s included in this course:

You will learn simple techniques that will awaken your natural abilities to heal.

•  Purification… space clearing, building and protecting your own energy field.
•  Channeling… use of Yoga,Chi Gong, Tibetan singing bowls, meditation and Reiki exercises.
•  Creativity… using cookery, dance, calligraphy/drawing as creative healing mediums.

Gaining a degree of mastery in these self healing arts will provide a deeper level of emotional stability in your life together with an enhanced sense of personal empowerment.










  • 你的生活日程繁忙,无法抽出时间进行日常练习或者规律性地参加能量与精神课程
  • 你不能做到规律地每天冥想一个小时
  • 你常常感到疲劳和紧张或者对生活感到沮丧
  • 你想要自我改变并获取一个新的好习惯,以此得到一个更加健康的身体状态并且更加清晰地了解自己
  • 你不相信你不能看到或触摸到的事情,但你仍然对此(它是什么以及它是如何运作的)感到好奇




•  净化过程,包括净化你的空间、住所和保护你自己的能量领域。
•  疗愈方式,包括瑜伽、气功、西藏颂钵、冥想和灵气练习。
•  创新方法,包括使用烹饪、舞蹈、书法或者绘画作为创新性的疗愈媒介。


Akiko-7 chakra bowls

5/7 (Sun 周日) 14:00~17:00:

Intro to Singing Bowl course with Akiko



Vibration/Sound + Intention = Manifestation

The power of the sound healing using ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls is indescribably profound and alters our consciousness for positive transformation. It not only can penetrate the body at the cellular level as transfiguration to ease pain, but also open our energetic body to healing, regeneration, and restoration to regain balance and harmony.




In this workshop you will explore the history of this ancient healing art, the effects of sound healing and gain a firsthand experience of the benefits.

Learn to play the bowls, feel their beautiful vibration, and understand the therapeutic use of sound for pain management as well as space/energy cleansing in this essential workshop.


Who is this for?

  • You would like to learn how to use ancient healing tools such as Tibetan Singing Bowl and Tingsha correctly to maximize its usage
  • You would like to enhance your ability to discern the harmonics created by Tibetan Singing Bowls. This helps you to select the perfect bowl for yourself
  • You would like to learn how best to maintain such healing tools if you own one

What’s included in this course:

  • How to use the rimming stick and gong stick correctly
  • How to listen to the bowls
  • History and understanding of energy and sound healing
  • How to treat a bowl (maintenance)
  • How to select the best bowl for yourself











  • 你希望学习正确使用古老的疗愈工具比如西藏颂钵和碰铃,进而能够最大化地使用好它们
  • 你希望加强你的能力,从而能够辨别西藏颂钵的泛音,这将帮助你选择一个适合自己的颂钵
  • 如果你已经拥有一个西藏颂钵,你想要学习如何最好地养护这样的疗愈工具




  • 如何正确使用钵体边缘和钵体内部的敲棒
  • 如何聆听颂钵
  • 颂钵历史以及能量与声音疗愈的理解
  • 如何养护颂钵
  • 如何选择最适合自己的颂钵



Akiko Flyer v2 copy

Other workshops from

Shantih Shala Holistic Arts and Akiko


Link: https://shantihshalaholisticarts.com/2017/02/19/426-akiko-in-sh/

Flyer design by Nick Fallon (WeChat: NickFallon88)


Contact us for more info 详情请联系我们吧:

Josephine   187 2120 6452   Shantihshala@gmail.com

WeChat 微信: jo-shantih-shala


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Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 6.19.06 PM

About Your facilitator 你的导师:

Akiko Igarashi, Japan  日本

Akiko is a native of Hokkaido Japan, and the founder of Shima Healing. She has been a practitioner of Reiki since 2003, obtaining her Hatha Yoga teacher training in 2005 and Yoga Therapy teacher training in 2006 in India.

In ­2009, after 11 years of IT corporate life, she found her passion and discovered her own truth while teaching yoga to 30 children at an orphanage in Kathmandu, Nepal. On that occasion, the harmonic overtone from the sound of Tibetan Singing Bowls resonated with her deeply and shook the very foundation of her being.

This experience profoundly and forever changed the course of her life – in the pursuit to share the wisdom of the healing arts and to dedicate her life to children and their well-being. Ever since that fateful day, she has been full time teaching yoga, giving treatments Singing Bowl Therapy and Reiki at number of resorts such as Paradise Koh Yao, Six Senses, Niramaya, Glow Elixir and Island Yoga on Koh Yao Islands.

Her first objective is to teach the healing-arts for personal empowerment. Her goal is to touch as many people in her lifetime – hence the founding of the Shima Healing Centre as a training school and her teach-the-trainer program (TTP). Her style of teaching is very open and fun.

She continues to travel to stunning and high-energy places to host yoga and healing retreats around the world. She regularly offers charity concert with Tibetan Singing Bowls. You will find Akiko in Asia during winter and Europe/Turkey in the summer. In between, she is learning new skills to share, writing children’s books, or practicing just doing nothing. Most of all, she enjoys spending time with nature.





这一段经历深度并永远地改变了她的生活方向,自此之后,她以分享疗愈艺术的智慧为自己的使命,并献身于儿童健康与关爱事业中。自从命中注定的那天到来之后,她成为了一位全职瑜伽老师,同时在泰国瑶诺岛(Koh Yao Islands)上的诸多度假胜地开设西藏颂钵疗愈与能量治疗课程,比如瑶诺天堂(Paradise Koh Yao),六感( Six Senses), 尼拉玛雅(Niramaya), 艾力克赛尔(Glow Elixir ),岛屿瑜伽( Island Yoga)。




Akiko’s Qualifications & experience:

Yoga and Meditation

  • 2005, Yoga Teacher Training in India. (250 hrs) Yoga Vidya Dham, India
  • 2005, Initiated in TM (Transcendental Meditation) technique, Mumbai, India
  • 2006, Yoga Therapy (250 hrs) Yoga Vidya Dham in Nashik, India
  • 2006, Vipassana 10 days silent meditation in Kyoto, Japan.  Also returned shorter Vipassana meditation in 2010, 2011, 2012 in Singapore

Therapy Training

  • 2003, Usui Reiki Master by Reiki Teacher Chikako Uehara , Japan
  • 2010, Usui Reiki Teacher Training at Kathmandu Reiki Center, Nepal
  • 2010, Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy by Ram Shrestha, Nepal
  • 2011, Kundalini Reiki Master by Shirley Tay, Singapore
  • 2012, Lama Fera Master by Dr. Ranjan, Nepal
  • 2012, Komyo Reiki Shihan by Dr. Ranjan, Nepal
  • 2013, Lama Fera Teacher by Dr. Sharma, India
  • 2014, Jikiden Reiki Okuden by Frank Arjava Petter in Lesvos, Greece
  • 2015, Jikiden Reiki Shihan Kaku by Frank Arjava Petter and Yamaguchi, Germany



Akiko is also running The Little Elephant project ~ a children and youth Project to promote health programmes to local children in Koh Yao Noi, Thailand. Internships and volunteer programmes are available for those interested to join.

* * * * * * * * * * *


Founded by Josephine Ong, Shantih Shala Holistic Arts is an open platform promoting wellness and celebrating the potential of human spirit plus all things esoteric.

We explore and experiment the art of Energy/Reiki and Sound Healing, Crystal Balancing, Psychic Surgery, Counseling, Shamanism, Intuitive Bodywork, Meditation, Chanting, Music, Art, Dance and Yoga Therapy.

Private sessions, group classes, intensive courses, workshops and training programmes take the form of Sound Journey sessions, Healing Circles, Sound/Breath/Movement classes, and various Meditation classes. Retreats and customized programmes are also available for private groups upon request.


Hope to meet & work with you soon, contact us!

联系我们吧, 到时见!


Shantih Shala Holistic Arts’

Private Sessions 私人定制个案

Link: https://shantihshalaholisticarts.com/2015/12/07/shantih-shala-private-sessions/

Spiritual awakening? Feeling stuck, fearful and doubtful? Past wounds? Restlessness? Or just simply needing a deep, grounding relaxation and an emphatic ear? Perhaps these could assist you in gaining insights and kick-start your inner self-healing process.

灵性觉醒? 恐惧、迷惑、犹豫? 被过去绑定? 烦躁不安? 或许你只需要彻底落地、深沉的放松和毫无偏见的倾听? 更多详情感言请点击以下链接.

联系我们资讯各种优惠吧, 还有朋友优惠! 期待与你合作!

SS private sessions

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Email: shantihshala@gmail.com

China: +86 187 2120 6452

Facebook: Josephine Ong Yoke Nunn

Skype: Shantih Shala WeChat


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