Shantih Shala Holistic Arts @ the 4th HAF

Shantih Shala Holistic Arts

@ the 4th HAF (Healing Arts Festival)


6/11 (Sunday 周日) 10:00~17:00

@ United Valley 联合谷集社


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Photo: MonoPhotoCentre



Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 8.32.26 PM

Always wanted to try Energy and Shamanic Healing? Curious about Sound Healing, Reiki, Crystals, Meditation, Yoga, Sound/Breath/Movement?


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Come enjoy some sample Energy Healing sessions courtesy of Shantih Shala Holistic Arts‘s team of healing angels! We are trained Energy Healers inviting you to experience genuine love and care powered by pure intentions! First come first serve, see you there!  It’s all happening at the HAF (Healing Arts Festival) on Sunday June 11th 10:00~17:00, located at United Valley, Chang Le lu 426, near Shanxi Nan Lu.

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我们邀请你过来体验来自 Shantih Shala 整体艺术的疗愈天使为你带来的能量疗愈!我们是受过培训的能量治疗师与你分享无条件的爱和正能量!优先者为主哦,到时见!咋们 6/11 (周日) 疗愈艺术节联合谷集社长乐路 426号近陕西南路见面,不见不散!


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SS logos collage-low res

This time Shantih Shala Holistic Arts presents:



1) Sample Energy Healing from Shantih Shala Holistic Arts’s team of healing angels 10:00~16:30


Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 8.31.16 PM.png




2) Trippy Shamanic Ensemble performance, the stage 12:00 萨满族音乐演出, 舞台

Trippy shamanic band




3) An introduction to Sound Journey workshop with Josephine Ong & Çağlar Korun, the rooftop 13:00

音疗之旅体验工作坊, 屋顶


SS @ HAF 2017-Sound Workshop

Venue: Rooftop 地点: 屋顶

Please register your place with the QR code below,

first come first serve


HAF workshop QR



4) An introduction to the Partner Energy class with Nick Fallon & Josephine Ong, the rooftop 14:00

能量排挡流体验工作坊, 屋顶


SS @ HAF 2017-Partner Energy Workshop

Venue: Rooftop 地点: 屋顶

Please register your place with the QR code below,

first come first serve


HAF workshop QR



Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 8.37.09 PM.png


Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 8.37.50 PM.png

Photo: MonoPhotoCentre

PLUS: all day workshops and demonstrations by different healers, teachers and coaches from different backgrounds! Spaces are limited so please register early, first come first serve! ALSO: great performances in music, dance and shows; healthy food and snacks on site, kid’s activities and MORE! Enjoy meeting and connecting with like-minded spiritual seekers too! See u there! More info:

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 11.31.05 PM.png

全天精彩活动: 诸位不同背景的教练、能量治疗师、专家带领的工作坊和示范!请提前预约你的位置哦,优先者为主。还有许多超棒的音乐、舞蹈演出,美食、商品、儿童游戏等等!带上家人朋友一起来玩吧!更多:

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 11.36.03 PM.png

Photo: MonoPhotoCentre


Please register your workshop space with the QR code below,

first come first serve


HAF workshop QR


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Photo: MonoPhotoCentre



Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 8.37.40 PM.png

HAF flyer

Venue: United Valley 联合谷集社

Chang Le lu 426, near Shanxi Nan Lu

Metro line 1/10/12 Shanxi Nan Lu, exit 2

地点: 长乐路 426号近陕西南路。地铁1/10/12号线2号出口

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 11.32.01 PM.png

Photo: MonoPhotoCentre


Memories & feedback: the 1st HAF 26/10/14

SS healin station2

Memories: the 2nd HAF 7/6/15

Healing Art Festival-406


HAF 2016-Jo-feedback Tania


Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 12.47.40 AM


HAF 2016-Jo-feedback Janice

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 5.24.06 PM


So for me yesterday was amazing ! And full of love and energy ! I met very nice people and I was very humble and honor to play gong for meditation launching Shanghai awakening !

Healing Art Festival-782

I have got a little headache at the end if the day which I believe is due to excess of energy accumulation of the day ( I did release it by meditation during playing football with my son later after ) !
jo hugging student22
I’d like also to share that at beginning I imagine it might difficult to get focus in this crowded and full of energy festival but finally not all healing was very nice and people looks very well to appreciate them!



HAF 2015-flash mob group2


Well in conclusion it was amazing day for me ( thanks to all the community of people who organizes it and I m looking forward for any other sharing / offering /gathering day like this one soon !!


Thank you so much for this sharing and so happy to be with my Reiki master to ring the gong!!


For me, I had a bad morning, & I was doubt if I was able to handle the afternoon reiki section! But it turn out very rewarding afternoon, I worked for 7 people, every single of them gave me good positive feedback! I was tired, but happy~ thanks for the opportunity , Jo! Great to see all of you~ hope to connect next time!

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 12.25.18 AM



Healing Art Festival-449


HAF 2016-Jo-feedback Michelle2



Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 11.33.18 PM.png

Memories: the Shanghai Awakening

website launch 24/5/15

SH AWA web launch-FB1

Special thanks to all those who made it happen – Rob, Mariska, Phil (Hatch & C)!!

I’m so proud & honoured to be a part of this meaningful community project!

Thanks so much to our wonderful volunteers too!

SH AWA web launch-FB3

SH AWA web launch-FB4


Also, the HUGGING movement continued from Fuxing Park to the SHANGHAI

AWAKENING website launch, a HUGE THANK YOU to Patrick for the inspiration and Fionn for leading this!! Let’s continue to spread LOVE & JOY!!

SH AWA web launch-FB2


Feedback from the volunteers & vendors:


From a vendor:
It was a pleasure to meet you and like-minded people. I believe most people were surprised, curious and pleased with the quality of the event which took them at another level away from the usual food stuff gathering. Life is so much more than eating and drinking. Seeds were sown that will bring fruit in due time. Dances and performance were great and fitted right in. Thanks again for the opportunity to be part of this opening!


Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 11.27.23 PM.png

* * * * * * * * * * * *

SS Thai retreat 2017-SS flag

We warmly welcome you to the

Shantih Shala Healing Getaway

1~7/10/2017 泰国静心之旅

@ Shima Healing

Koh Yao Noi, Thailand


3 teachers 2 white room


Photos & flyer design: NickFallon88 (WeChat)


SS Thai retreat-FB

Contact us for the Early Bird Offer & Bring A Friend Offer!

NOTE: Early Bird Offer ends July 1st, 2017


早鸟优惠截止日期: 1/7/2017

* * * * * * * * * * * *


Jo heals Bob6-small

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki & Energy Healing

Level II Course June 17~18th

Level I Course July 1~2nd

(weekends) 14:00~19:00
@ The White Room


Level I:




Reiki training collage2

 We invite you to come learn and discover Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki ~
the traditional natural healing art from ancient Japan! This is one of the easiest, efficient and empowering healing methods available today!
All you need is the desire and intention to learn,
plus an open heart!

Please contact us for the

Early Bird & Bring A Friend Offer!

Jo 187 2120 6452
WeChat 微信: jo-shantih-shala
Reiki manuals
FB-Reiki 1 Jan-memory1


* * * * * * * * * * * *

Jo heals Bob3

Shantih Shala Holistic Arts’

Private Sessions 私人定制个案


Spiritual awakening? Feeling stuck, fearful and doubtful? Past wounds? Restlessness? Or just simply needing a deep, grounding relaxation and an emphatic ear? Perhaps these could assist you in gaining insights and kick-start your inner self-healing process.

灵性觉醒? 恐惧、迷惑、犹豫? 被过去绑定? 烦躁不安? 或许你只需要彻底落地、深沉的放松和毫无偏见的倾听? 更多详情感言请点击以下链接. 联系我们资讯详情和一些特别优惠吧! 期待与你合作!


Jo heals Bob4

Shantih Shala Holistic Arts’

Private Sessions 私人定制个案




Energy Healing 能量疗愈
Sound Healing 音乐疗愈
Crystal Healing 水晶疗愈
Regression Journey 回归旅程
Yoga Therapy 瑜伽疗愈
Intuitive Bodywork 直觉体语
Jo @ SS-hands-b&w

  • All sessions include counseling before and after treatment所有个案包含前后心理疏导
  • All passes include one complimentary 20-min Sound OR Chakra Healing session 套餐优惠包含一份免费20分钟声音或脉轮疗愈
  • Please contact us for more info 请联系我们咨询详情

couples session @ wht rrom.png

Special deals: Bring A Friend Offer,

Couples/parent & child Offer

also available


April+Mike @ white room.png



SS vouchers @ wht room.png

Help someone who may need some healing or support; we offer vouchers/gifts of love and care




Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 5.35.34 PM

Testimonials & Feedback on…


pincha @ 6 senses1 b&w


* * * * * * * * * * * *

Jo @ SS-healin self-small


Memories 回忆:

Healing Circles, Meditations, Workshops, Retreats,

special corporate events & more

@ Shantih Shala Holistic Arts


So many magical moments captured, such infinite connection discovered and profound healing shared… no amount of words can describe this bliss and gratitude!

Always deeply humbled and ever so grateful to be working with so many beautiful spirits in various ways… Thank you everyone for giving meaning to what I do and reminding me of my purpose in this lifetime!

Namaste, Josephine




* * * Private Yoga Therapy sessions 私人瑜伽疗愈课程  * * *

* * * Private Energy Healing sessions 私人能量治疗 * * *

* * * Circuit Training (private or small group) 循环训练(私人或小组) * * *

* * * Private group workshops or corporate training 小团体、企业培训和工作坊  * * *




China: +86 187 2120 6452 England: +44 7851 625 231

Japan:    +81 (0) 9085 638 245 Russia: +79 166 419 548

Facebook: Josephine Ong Yoke Nunn

Facebook: Shantih Shala Holistic Arts

Skype: Shantih Shala WeChat

WeChat 微信:jo-shantih-shala

SS QR-purple.png

all words & images remain the copyright of Shantih Shala Holistic Arts

切文字于图片属于 Shantih Shala Holistic Arts 版权所有


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