Broken Beauty (part I)


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Broken Beauty (part I)





There is something touchingly beautiful about a broken soul ~ perhaps it is the wise glint in the eyes, the understated elegance in speech and mannerisms, the self-depreciating humour that hints at many tragic yet entertaining tales; occasionally, the subtle confidence intelligently disguised as parody, and more often than not, the quiet yet significant omnipresence in the background permeated by the air of inspiring resilience and integrity.


Perhaps it is true that it does take one to know one, in the same way that like attracts like. Over the years, I had the privilege to have met and work with so many beautiful, broken souls. Many of whom can teach me in the great school of Life, and yet they humbly regard me as their teacher or guide whereby I am overwhelmed in deep gratitude. Such is the surrealism of this experience we call Life indeed.


A man whom literally left this world while lying on the operation table, travelled to another dimension and returned as God urged him that his time has yet to come, and to continue with his mission in this life; a woman whose former husband repeatedly deceived her through fraud, robbery, adultery and the like; another man whom Lady Luck seemed to have abandoned suffering from all kinds of tragedies including being innocently beaten up, forced to take a human life, having a suicide victim fall onto him while walking down a street, and many more such incidents; another woman whose body lived a hostile and wicked spirit that tormented her for years, raising questions of her sanity and belief, to the disdain and concern of her loved ones… these are just merely some examples of the broken souls whom I had the honour of crossing paths with and shared unique exchanges together.


In spite of the diversity in age, race, culture, religion, education, belief systems and so on, every single person whose life broke them at some point shared a commonality: not only are these souls true heroes, strong survivors and inspiring, they are truly beautiful, for they are genuine.


As a person hit rock bottom and arrive at the end of the road, a temporary death of the soul occurs, whereby the physical body feels like an empty shell, void of feelings and emotions, leaving just a functional autonomic nervous system enough for survival purposes. Amidst the darkest moments of intense fear, despair, grief, and suffering, though painful and challenging, this is when we feel most alive with the ultimate presence. Only when we are being fully in the now can the true intelligence of the present reveal itself to us.


As a result, we somehow develop an acute sense of heightened awareness and instincts. Strangely so, the intensity can sometimes be exhilarating, even empowering, albeit accentuated with impulsive lunacy and even terror. What naturally follows is a decisive and fearlessness to release ourselves of all unnecessary burden, attachments and outdated belief systems that doesn’t serve us anymore; a massive, thorough spring clean if you will. In order to make space for liberation and transformation, we must first conquer the agonizing process of denial and resistance; once the dust settles, what is then left is the essence: our genuine self that is pure, real, therefore a beauty. Beauty in this sense as a spirit, a quality; it is not referring to aesthetics or art.


Having experienced many such powerful moments in humility and learnt difficult lessons in the surrealism of life, I seem to attract many more broken souls onto my spiritual path. Perhaps, my soul unconsciously yearn to relate to similar ones, or perhaps it is my mission to serve others by showing them the wisdom of courage behind vulnerability, the empowerment behind surrendering, not to mention the explosive potential waiting inside us ready to be awakened and harnessed. If somehow my own brokenness can be a humble example to others whereby even living with cracks (ie: an unpleasant past, impurities, negativity, hindrance) within ourselves, there will always be room for hope, change and betterment, I will sleep in peace knowing all my twisted darkness had not existed in vain.


Thus, the concept of ‘Broken Beauty’ dawned on me. Ergo, I invite all broken souls to contemplate all your accomplishments, to celebrate your unique beauty, to rejoice in yourself, and to be proud of being a Broken Beauty. For what is truly beautiful are all our perfect imperfections, stripped of all ego and falsity, a courageous fragility in which the ocean of bliss overflows. To me, this is authentic beauty.


written by Josephine Ong

Aug 1st, 2017 Koh Yao Noi, Thailand



all words & images remain the copyright of Shantih Shala Holistic Arts

切文字于图片属于 Shantih Shala Holistic Arts 版权所有


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Thank you everyone for giving meaning to what I do and reminding me of my purpose in this lifetime! Deeply humbled and ever so grateful to be working with so many beautiful spirits in various ways…

感恩和感谢大家对我的支持, 谢谢你们为我的工作带来意义!

Some memories so far 一些回忆:


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So many magical moments captured, such infinite connection discovered and profound healing shared… no amount of words can describe this bliss and gratitude!

Always deeply humbled and ever so grateful to be working with so many beautiful spirits in various ways… Thank you everyone for giving meaning to what I do and reminding me of my purpose in this lifetime!

Namaste, Josephine




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